Member of the Month: Savanna Cheree

Alright, we are back with yet another glorious member of the month. February's member of the month is Savanna Cheree. Savanna is a junior at the University of Utah, and she is majoring in elementary school education. While Savanna is a relatively new addition to the Her Campus Utah team, she has become such a fan favorite.

Savanna’s resilient and outgoing personality has made her a vital member of our team. Savanna’s number one goal in life is to feel like she’s lived a fulfilled and happy life regardless of life circumstances. When she’s not busy working fervently towards her goals Savanna can be caught scrapbooking (which, by the way, is most adorable secret passion).

Ultimately, Savanna hopes not to leave a legacy, but a memory of someone who was unapologetically themselves and as someone who was willing to grow. The Her Campus Utah team has truly been so blessed with such a brilliant personality, and we have grown from her being on our team. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby because it was the first book that she loved that didn’t have a happy ending. If you were just dying to know her zodiac sign and her Hogwarts house, the time has come, don’t you worry. Savanna is a Cancer and a Gryffindor.

   Quite possibly my favorite fact about Savanna is her celebrity crush. Savanna’s celebrity crush is none other than Dr. Phil. Or Jason Mamoa, but Dr. Phil is by far the superior answer.

Her Campus Utah is so lucky to have such a powerhouse of a woman on our team. Without Savanna, we simply would not be the same. As per tradition, I will leave you with Savanna’s favorite quote: “Grow through what you go through.” -Unkown


All photos are from Savanna herself.