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Meet the Members: Emilie Trepanier, Senior Editor

            Starting off our Meet the Member series, Her Council edition, is none other than the beautiful Emilie Trepanier! Emilie is a 22 year old San Diego native, so it’s only fitting that her favorite animals are beluga whales, and her guilty pleasure TV show is H20 Just Add Water. She is a Pisces/Aries Cusp with a rising Cancer and moon in Scorpio season. She loves lime green, Chris Evans, and hates mean people. Her spirit animal is a teacup poodle and chances are, if you walk into a room wearing a Bath and Body Works fragrance, she’ll know exactly which one it is.

Emilie has been involved with Her Campus for four semesters now, but her talents don’t stop there! She is also a part of Infrared aCapella and the U of U Writing Center. She joined Her Campus because she loves to write, and really enjoys having the freedom to write about whatever she wants- that’s why her writing style is a little bit of everything. Her favorite article to read at the moment is “Bitchiness is Not Glamorous” by the lovely and talented Kiana Opre. As for her the favorite article that she has ever written, #1 is an anonymous piece (go ahead, to try guess which on it is) and her #2 is “What You Don’t See on Social Media.”

Not only does Emilie think everyone should apply for Her Campus not only for the experience, but also because “it’s a great environment and looks amazing on job applications.”

We absolutely adore Emilie, and we feel so lucky every day to have her on our team! If you love to write and want to see what we’re all about, follow us on social media @HerCampusUtah!

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