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Recently, I was able to sit down and chat with Kappa Kappa Gama president (and Tapitio aficionado) for an afternoon. And while she keeps pretty busy with her schedule as a sorority president and being a Junior in the Business Scholars program, Her Campus Utah was lucky enough to learn all about the powerful girl-boss Katrina Bertelsen, and what makes her uniquely Katrina. 


What are you most excited about for your Presidency?

Katrina: “I am most excited to work with our council members that I didn’t know previously. Also to be getting to know chapter members that I wouldn’t have previously known on a deeper level. I am also excited to be able to share all the successes of our chapter being the face of our community.”

What do you think your biggest challenges will be this year?

Katrina: “You really can’t predict the challenges that come your way, I have to be prepared for anything. Life comes in like a wrecking ball whether you are prepared or not, you have to learn how best to deal with it in a way that is best for your members and your community.”

How do you feel you are prepared to take on this job?

Katrina: “I think that my time as risk chair helped me prepare for this job, because a lot of times officers see not only the good side of the sorority, but also the tougher parts. I have already seen the tough parts of being in a sorority and dealing with headquarters. It was easier for me to transition into this position because I know the legal headquarters side of our fraternity. I had a good relationship with headquarters going into this position.”

How do you feel about your “team” or executive board, and how do you plan to work alongside with them to help promote change throughout your chapter and in the Greek community?

Katrina: “Council is great, because it is full of members who have never been on before. They all bring new ideas into our meetings. I have been on council for two years, so it is fun for me to see them bounce off ideas off each other. They are all super respectful of each other as well as our chapter members. They are really involved campus wide as well as on Greek row. They work really hard to get our members really excited about events in the community.”

What are some of your favorite Kappa traditions?

Katrina: “Pink Prom! It is a benefit for a Delta Eta alumna who died of breast cancer in 2006. A bunch of our members volunteer for this event. It is such a fun time we look forward to! My favorite thing to do is tear it up on the dance floor with Delta Eta alumna!

Big little reveal is another big thing for me, because my sorority family goes out every year. Even if we didn’t get a new family member, we always do some big event and dress up together!

Why is Greek life important to you?

Katrina: “My entire life I was raised in an all Greek life family, I saw the impact that it had on my mom. It was the reason she stayed in college. It was just a no-brainer that I would at least go to a school with a Greek life and give it a shot. I really wasn’t aware the rest of the world was fighting against Greek life, because I have seen the huge amount of benefits that it gave my whole family. It brought my family closer together, and helped me to defend Greek life more in real life.

Here are some questions to get to know Katrina on a personal level.


How do you feel about your room in Kappa being haunted?

Katrina: “I have no problem with it, because I think they are probably there for a reason, and I have crystals that protect me. My policy is if I don’t bother them, they won’t bother me”

What is your favorite place for brunch?

Katrina: “Hub and Spoke. I like the build your own breakfast with hub and spoke potatoes, over-medium eggs, bacon and grits. That is my favorite thing. If you’ve never been, UGH.”

What is a snack you never get tired of?

Katrina: “Popcorn. Specifically, Kirkland popcorn with Tapitio sauce.” 

The Delta Eta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma is so thrilled to have Katrina as our president! She is one of the sweetest people you’ll meet, with enough sass to compete with her favorite hot sauce. Be sure to look out for Katrina in the Greek community and on campus, she is here to do great things! 





*photos uploaded from Katrina’s personal Facebook and Instagram accounts with her permission. 

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