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The Life of a Sorority Girl as Told Through Supernatural Gifs

Supernatural is the popular CW drama about two brothers and their angel best friend who save the world from all the terrifying monsters that go bump in the night. Supernatural is known for having a completely relatable Gif for every situation you can think of. I decided to put this to the test so here are 15 times Supernatural totally summed up what it is like to be a sorority girl. 


Having to sit through another Monday chapter meeting listening to announcements when you have a ton of homework you should be doing. Let’s be honest, you could just send it in an email. 

When you and your squad are on the prowl for dates for your impending date night.


Finally being able to reveal your self to your little during Big/Little reveal after weeks of waiting. 

When your sorority starts asking for volunteers for this weeks fraternity philanthropy competition. 



That awkward moment when you can’t find your very inebriated formal date because he has wondered off yet AGAIN. 


What it feels like when your vice president of standards starts going over all of the bylaws you are supposed to know already.


Waking up early for the third day in a row during summer vacation because polish week is mandatory and you don’t want another fine from billhighway. 


Your reaction every time you walk into a fraternity and you have forgotten how totally disgusting they really are. Seriously why didn’t I wear my frat shoes? 


Driving to Sisterhood Retreat with four other sisters packed into your tiny car and being expected not to murder one of them on the 3-hour drive. 

Dealing with the seemingly endless barrage of drama that comes standard when you put over a hundred girls together and expect them to be best friends. 

When you and your sisters start Facebook stalking all of the new PNMs before fall recruitment officially starts. 


When you finally come home from a long night of partying and realize that you are some how missing one of your shoes. How did you make it all the way home with out realizing you were down a heel?


When it is formal recruitment and you have to go out and have a hundred conversations and pretend like you are a normal human being capable of social interaction. 



That awkward moment when you start to think that everyone was right and that you may have actually joined a cult without realizing it. 


Deciding that you really don’t care one way or another because you have truly found your home and second family. You wouldn’t trade these girls for anything in the world. 

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