Let's Fly: Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

Lets Fly: Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

As fall break looms ahead of us, the thought of travel sound much more appealing than going home, right? As a wanderluster at heart, I am constantly scanning airline websites and secondary flight scanners searching for the best deals available. Here I have compiled my favorite, and budget friendly, websites and an app for all your future adventures.


Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scotts Cheap Flights is an online website/emailing list that is literally addictive. As the website puts it, “Scott searches for cheap flights all day everyday because he has no life.” Because of this flights such as Quito ($300-$400), Sydney ($561), and Rome for ($436). Now, not all of these flights are out of SLC (some do though, so get your hopes up!) but there are many $100 flights to the larger airports from SLC International where most of these flights originate. For even more great deals, Scott’s cheap flights offer a Premium package where you can receive all deal alerts, mistake fares, secret sales, as well as choosing your home airport that allows you to actually see the price your paying. Seriously great deals cross this website, daily but don’t delay! Many of the flights are only this price for a short time, so book them while you can!


Picture Credit: Scott’s Cheap Flights


Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club is also a website that shows mistake fares and sales on international flights. I find this website to be more active in sending emails with deals than Scott’s Cheap Flights, which I find helpful. People who book through Dollar Flight Club average around $900 in saving on flights to New Zealand, Iceland, Dublin, El Salvador, and many more. This company also offers a Premium package for $3.33 a month that lets you choose you departing airport as well as all the deals that are offered. Unlike Scott’s Cheap Flights, Dollar Flight Club holds many giveaways on their Facebook and email including an Eco-Luxury trip in Acapulco, Cape Town SA, as well as a few domestically. Perfect for the broke college student who just wants to get away.


Photo Credit: Dollar Flight Club


Next Vacay

Same as the last two, Next Vacay is an online flight scanner who was created for those who love to travel. Originally a couple looking to get away, Shaylee and her husband Naveen created an algorithm to constantly search for cheap flight deals across many major airlines. Unlike the last two, it does cost $25 a year to sign up and begin emails when great deals on flights from SLC and surrounding areas are found. More personalized for the common college student, and perfect for your next vacation.


Hopper, unlike the other three, is an app that predicts the best times to book your flight to anywhere in the world. Choose you date that you need to fly, and Hopper will scan hundreds of airlines for the cheapest fares and best times to book them straight through the app. Hopper can predict flight prices for up to one year with a 95% accuracy, all for free. So for all you broke college kids looking to go home for the holidays, Hopper is the right choice for you.

All of these websites I used daily to find my next adventure, and you should too! No one wants to pay full price for an expensive exotic vacation if they don't have to, and college students especially are down to save money where ever they can. So get out there and find you next budget-friendly adventure using these websites, I promise you won't regret it.