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Kelsy Patrick: Pageant Queen

U of U student, Kelsy Patrick, was crowned Miss Teen Idaho. Find out what life is like for a pageant queen, and about her amazing cause called, Buckle Up, Phone Down, Arrive Alive, Just Drive. 

Her Campus (HC):  Why did you decide to compete in Miss Teen Idaho?

Kelsy Patrick (KP):  I decided to compete for Miss Teen Idaho when I found out about their platform based pageant. The international system allows girls to represent a platform while holding their title and I was eager to spread the word about my cause: Buckle Up, Phone Down, Arrive Alive, Just Drive. After losing 2 peers to a car accident because they weren’t wearing seatbelts, I grew a passion to promote seatbelt safety awareness along with other safe driving techniques. I worked with national organizations like the National Safety Council as well as local, such as Buckle Up For Bobby. When I won the pageant, I was provided the opportunity for my platform to be widely known and recognized to helping keep people safe everywhere.

HC:  What is the greatest part of the pageant world?

KP:  Well of course, I love the pretty dresses and crown, but the best part is honestly the relationships I’ve made. Throughout my reign, I have been able to meet other passionate titleholders from across the world, inspirational business men and women and so many other amazing people who will always hold a special place in my heart and who have influenced my future.

HC:  You’re going back to Idaho for the crowning of the next Miss Teen Idaho, what emotions are you feeling?

KP:  It’s bitter-sweet. I am sad of course that my year is coming to end but I am beyond grateful for my experiences. I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything in the world and I am excited to see which new lucky girl will get to experience the journey too.

HC:  Being Miss Teen Idaho, explain to our readers exactly what you had to do while you held the honor of the title.

KP:  As a titleholder, I represented the International Pageant system as well as my platform. Throughout the past year I have made numerous appearances at local events, participated in community service activities and I even traveled to Jacksonville, Florida to compete for the title of Miss Teen International, where I placed 4th runner up. This title is like a job in that I have appearance requirements, but it’s so much more fun than work is.

HC:  What advice would you give to girls who are looking to break into pageants?

KP:  If you are looking into pageants, don’t be scared. It can be intimidating at first, but you just have to hold your head high and go in feeling confident. It’s easier to just be you than to be focused on what the girls look like. The most important thing I’ve learned from doing pageants is to just have fun. You will look back on the memories you’ve made and smile when you just live in the moment instead of stressing over every little detail. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and watch your dreams come true!

Julianne serves in the role of Community Development Associate, directly working with chapters and expansion. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2018 with a triple major in Political Science, Film & Media Art, and Communications with minors in Health and Theater. Julianne served as a Campus Correspondent for Utah for 3 years, as a Chapter Advisor for 2 years, a Campus Expansion Assistant for 2 years, and as a High School Ambassador Advisor. New to Boston, Julianne can't wait to eat as much seafood as was deprived of her after living in the mountains for most of her life. In her spare time, she loves to ski, watch an unreasonable amount of movies, and write!
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