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Katy Perry’s “Smile”: My Review and Words from Katy’s Press Conference

If you are looking for an album to listen to on repeat, Katy Perry’s new album Smile is your definite next go to. 

Smile, which was released on August 28th, is an album filled with classic Katy Perry pop sounds that successfully paint pictures of optimism, joy, and hope. These themes are heavily needed in the midst of the current world situation, and Perry could not have picked a better time to release such a positive, creative album. Honestly, our team here at Her Campus Utah cannot get enough of the upbeat tracks on this album. 

Specifically, Resilient, the fifth track on Smile, leaves listeners ready to conquer their trials and grow from them. Perry radiates confidence and maturity as she expresses her longing to be strong and resilient. This track had me brushing negative situations off as the “rain” before the “rainbows”, as Perry describes it. 

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I had the opportunity to participate in a press conference hosted by °1824 with Perry herself as she described her inspiration behind the album, and I couldn’t be any more impressed with what she had to say. Perry describes this album as most comparable to her previous albums Prism and Teenage Dream. “I have always experimented with different sonic landscapes...this record, musically, is a lot like some of the tones of Prism and Teenage Dream, it’s really pure pop, and I love that.” Perry was not wrong, this album is filled with the “pure pop” songs that we have been in love with since Perry started her career. Listeners will definitely have flashbacks to the days of Roar, which is one of Perry’s most popular songs on Spotify to date. 

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Perry also explained how she feels that acknowledging your failures takes courage, and it was no different when doing so while writing this album. Perry said, “anything where I am acknowledging my complete failure, I feel like that is a courageous thing because everyone likes to portray perfectionism especially in the entertainment industry.” These words held so much power, as so many of us can relate to the courage that it takes to admit your imperfections and failures in a world of social media and the “image of perfection” that is so often portrayed to individuals worldwide. Many of the songs on Smile mention some of Perry’s failures, for example, in the title track, Smile, Perry mentions her slice of “humble pie”, which was an ego check that changed her life. While most of us would have a difficult time admitting that we need an ego check, Perry does it with courage and grace on this track, which is really admirable. 

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Finally, one track on the album that has really sparked interest in listeners was the last track of the album, What Makes A Woman. This track goes over possible ways that one would define a woman, before landing on the idea that a woman is indescribable, “a perfect mystery”. During the press conference, Perry mentioned that the biggest inspiration for this track was her pregnancy and the thought of how many “women before [Perry] have done it before”. This experience sparked her thoughts about how one would really define a woman. 

Overall, this album is a great listen for anyone that needs a pick-me-up, or who wants to turn up the volume to full volume while driving. Perry has perfectly painted so many beautiful, inspirational messages throughout the album that maybe, just maybe, might make you dance a little too. 

I would like to give a big thank you to Her Campus and °1824 for this amazing opportunity!

You can find Katy Perry’s new album “Smile” anywhere you listen to your music today. 

Mya is majoring in Strategic Communication and is the current President of Her Campus Utah. She enjoys movies, road trips, writing and having dinner parties with her best friends. Her favorite things to write about are fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
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