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Jaw-Dropping Nick Jonas GIFs We Know You’ve Always Wanted

Now that school is back in session, who has time for actually dating? You’re summer fling didn’t quite work out, that guy from tinder mysteriously disappeared, and the cutie in your math class won’t give you the time of day. But who needs loser college guys when we’ve been blessed with such an amazing gift from the heavens? That beautiful blessing is named Nick Jonas, and if doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will. 

There are many sides of Mr. Jonas that we are lucky enough to explore. His tender side, his spicy side, his romantic side; all equally magnificent. If that real-life guy isn’t treating you right, don’t worry one bit. Nick is here to ease the pain. 

He comes: ready to seduce you. And it’s already working. 

Play coy now, are we Nick? 

Currently imagining this gorgeous lady is actually me…because look at her hair…and of course, Nick.

When the shirt comes off… 

When he gives you this look… 

And you just can’t even… 

Look at those muscles… just look at them. 

And you leave feeling like…


He truly is a god among men. 


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