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I Love My Culture

The customs that we practice, the food we eat, the language we speak and the religion that we are exposed to contribute to our identity. We often try to hide these in order to try to fit in. I say it’s time we show the love for our culture!

Let’s embrace everything about it the values it represents up to the music you dance to. Weather your Caucasian or Japanese or even Irish; your Culture is Beautiful and the world deserves to know it!

I am Pakistani; I love our food and clothes.

I am Latina, what I love about my culture is the strength of the women and their bonds with their family.

I am Nigerian. I love it because of how diverse it is. There is over 250 dialects spoken and just as many tribes, so there’s so much within the larger culture to be Karen’s and explored. Also, the music is catchy and lifts my spirit!

There is so much beauty in this world that we have become so blind to. Such a diverse world, but yet we stay in our isolated bubble, neglecting to hear other music, eat different foods or even learn a new language. Teach your friend about your traditions, why you practice your religion or even about the clothes you wear. Even better, make a new friend and then tell that friend!

I am Brazilian. In my culture I love how close we are to our family and friends, their support is super important. I love the food especially my mother’s homemade food. I love the music; samba and bossa nova, if you listen to it at the beach you can understand the beauty of it. I love words like cafune and saudades, those words you can’t translate but are full of meaning!

I am Caucasian, I guess I come from a small town culture and I love that my neighbors are always stopping their cars and asking if I need a ride whenever I go for a walk.

I am Irish-American and I love how large and loyal our family is and always sticks by each other no matter what.

I am Vietnamese. I love the traditional holidays we have such as Moon Festival, Lunar New Years and Welcoming of Spring!

Embrace your traditions and share the beauty of it with the world!

I am Mexican- American aka Chicana! I love that we have our own dialect- Spanglish and that we have both American and Mexican traditions. Oh, and I like our Tacos!

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