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I Don’t Know Is Not A Valid Excuse

Remember when books were the main source of information? If you wanted a certain recipe you would have to buy a cookbook that had it. Want to know more about the War of 1812? Better go to the library and read up on it. Nowadays we all have an infinite amount of knowledge in our pockets, our phones.

Now, if you want to find a recipe you can go to the magical land of Google and find anything your heart desires. Is your oven making a strange beeping sound? Instead of having to call the manufacturer, you become your own handyman. We have the ability to find any information on anything, so when you say you don’t know something you’re saying you’re too lazy to search for it.

There is absolutely no reason why someone should be limited by their knowledge of something. Because we have the internet anyone can become an “expert” on anything. I, for one, am the IT guy in my house. I can solve the internet problems or make sure the TV is working properly. Would I be able to do this without my good friend Google? Definitely not. I need Google just how a fish needs water.

We all need to learn to utilize the great gift that is the internet. It’s not shameful to have to look up the most obvious things. That’s what incognito mood is for. We all have the power to become less naive about the world and the way things work. We no longer have to bury our heads into books to find material but we now turn our heads to the glowing light of our screens.  

Proud owner of a Hulu Plus account, Netflix, and HBO Go with none in my name. 
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