Howdy Homemade: Delicious Ice Cream & a Worthy Cause

The cutest new ice cream shop just popped up in the Sugarhouse area, and you must run, NOT walk, to taste it for yourself. So here’s the scoop: this new business, called Howdy Homemade, is based on a heartwarming belief that adults with special needs should have the same job opportunities as anyone else. Howdy Homemade is run by two full-time managers, alongside 10 employees that are all special needs, which makes the experience even sweeter.

They have original flavors such as Cinnamon Stick (it literally tastes like a churro) and Dr. Pepper chocolate chip, along with all of your favorite classics like mint chocolate chip, cake batter, and coconut. While I couldn’t try all of the flavors, I made sure to bring at least four friends so I could mooch off of their purchases, and get the full experience (you readers are welcome).

Howdy Homemade is actually the second location to open with this same mission statement to employ primary those with special needs, the first being in Dallas, TX. The owners of the Salt Lake's Howdy Homemade got the idea of expanding this business into Utah when their 21-year-old son with special needs had a difficult time finding work. If their son couldn't find a job, they decided to make one for him. As a result, the ice cream shop became a beautiful opportunity for many special needs people in the Salt Lake Valley.

With art created by locals in the community, and a list of local sponsors on the wall, a feeling of community support is felt right as soon as you walk in the door. The patio outside, and the tables inside, allow for casual lounging, welcoming people to stay as long as they want with friends and family. The employees make you feel like the highest priority, and do an amazing job at making you feel right at home. While you could go to other mainstream ice cream places in the Salt Lake Valley, you are sure to get the best customer service around at Howdy Homemade. Go get a scoop at 2670 South 2000 East, today!