How to Productively Procrastinate for Finals

Every year, thousands of college students across the nation fall victim to the tempations of social life and fun during finals week. Procrastination risks are at an all-time high and I ask you all to proceed these next weeks with caution. In order to keep safe, follow these tips and show procrastination who's boss.


1. Apply for a job or internship *peep HC Job Board*! You'll be bored all summer just sitting around anyway, might as well beef up that resume and get some real-world job experience.


2. Volunteer somewhere! You'll be helping other people, and not only will that make you fell all warm & fuzzy on the inside, but you'll be helping the community and (hopefully) that good karma will come back to you in the form of an A on a final exam.

3. Clean your room: science shows that the first and easiest way to relieve stress is to have your room clean and organized. So go ahead, make that bed, fold that laundry. 


4. Combine #2 & #3: Clean out your closet and drawers and while you’re rotating your winter and summer assembles, donate what doesn’t fit or float your boat anymore. 

5. Exercise: Drake said it best, “problems hit the gym they all work out”. Not only will this relieve stress, but you’re doing something so good for your mental and your psychical by getting up and away from sitting hunched over at a desk all day. 


6. Meal prep! Not only will this give your brain some time to relax, but this way you can guarantee that you will be eating well during the week and not surviving on granola bars and leftovers. 


7. Try a new coffee shop: and bring your homework there. Change of scenery can do wonders for a stressed mind.

8. Go to bed early. Studies have proven that you retain more information from getting up early and study after a good night’s sleep than if you stay up all night and OD on caffeine the next day. Pro Tip: don’t change too much in your diet and caffeine intake- the more stable and routine your body feels during stressful times the better for it and the better for your test grades. 


9. Help your friends study! It is SO beneficial to be able to teach someone a concept you’re learning, so let your friend teach you something and then trade off. Quizzing someone else or listening to them will take your mind off what you have to do while also boosting the education of those around you. Win-win.

10. Call your parents. Sappy, I know. But your family misses you and it means so much to them to talk to you, so call literally everyone in your family once this week and catch up. 

11. Most importantly, when finals are over... TREAT YO SELF. Celebrate all that hard work you just did!! You deserve it.