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How to Make the Most of a Girls Night In

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

College is the best four (or more) years of our lives, so we’ve been told. I agree 100%. My three years in college so far have exceeded my expectations, and I have enjoyed every second of it. But, the way I enjoy college is a bit different than most. We all have that one friend in our friend group, or are that one friend, that prefers to stay in rather than go out.

And that’s okay; people enjoy different forms of letting go. After a long hard week filled with school, work, and personal dilemmas, we all deserve to relieve our stress for a couple nights. For me, letting go looks a lot like throwing my hair up in a bun, eating some delicious food, curling up in a blanket, and binge watching shows on the weekends. While some prefer to dress up, go out, and party in order to let go.

We can learn from those who like to stay in though. Even if you do prefer to go out, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a girl’s night in. (GNI) Going out can be draining, and requires effort when getting ready. Honestly, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by your best friends and staying in to let go, and catch up with one another. From a self-proclaimed Professional on staying in, here are a few tips to make your girl’s night in the best!

Invite your closest friends over

(Remind them before hand to wear comfy clothes, even PJs!)

Unwind and talk about life

Sometimes life gets crazy, enjoy this time catching up with friends!

Eat good food & drinks

Whatever you prefer–Junk food, delivery, a homemade meal, soda, or wine, get what you love for this GNI!

Rent a Romantic Comedy

Would it really be a Girl’s Night In without a Rom Com?

Cuddle up and enjoy the night

Snuggle up and get cozy, because these can be moments you’ll always remember!



A California native, fulfilling my education in Utah. An English major and History minor. Also an avid reader, netflix binger, sports enthusiast, chocolate addict, and on occasion, a writer. 
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor