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How to Interview like You’re Already Hired

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Whether you’re interviewing in front of Miranda Priestly or someone less terrifying, it can be intimidating going into any job interview. What outfit should I wear? How am I going to answer their questions? Is my anxiety going to show? Are my sweat stains going to show? Whatever your worries are, fret no longer! You (yes you) can interview like you know you’re already hired.

The first step to this confidence is to know your worth. You’re someone who possesses a unique set of skills incomparable to others. What about these sets you apart from other candidates for the job? How can you use them to improve the workspace around you? By zeroing in on what exactly makes you perfect for the job

This goes along with the idea of expecting what they’re looking for. If an employer sets out an ad for a dog, they don’t want a cat to apply. If they’re looking to hire for a specific skill set, tailor the way you explain your specialties to what they anticipate.

An easy way to practice interviewing is to know common questions they’ll ask. A few examples are: What is your greatest weakness? Strengths? Why should we hire you? This is why it’s so important to know your qualities inside out – so that when you are confronted with these questions, you have natural and candid answers to them.

And of course: Your outfit can be bomb and profesh. While I would suggest to stay away from lots of accessories or anything that is equally as distracting, a little personality in your sleeves of your blazer or the print of your skirt could make you more memorable. However if you’re stuck on how to add a little pizzazz in your ‘fit, a good navy suit with a crisp white shirt and neutral colored flats can make for a winning combination. Make sure to sit in a chair in front of a mirror to check if there are any parts of the outfit that shift out of place when you sit down, mimicking the interview setting.

Otherwise, just believe in yourself and practice. Don’t rehearse to the point of being canned, but know the big points. With these tips, you’ll be able to face even the most fierce of employers.


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Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor