How to Incorporate Art in Your Low-Budget Life

It happens to all of us. The constant visual noise of advertisements — in your social media, on billboards, on buses, even plastered on windows and doorways — gets a little disheartening. You want something that’s not a glossy advertisement, not a way to get you to spend. You’d love some art to calm the visual clatter, ease your eyes into lovely painted bliss… you need some ~fine art~. But you don’t have the money to hop on a plane to the Louvre, or the funds to purchase some of the original artwork you’ve been drooling over. Never fear! There are other, more wallet-friendly ways to get your fine art fix.

men in front of Mona Lisa painting


1. Your Technology Backgrounds

A great free way to have more art in your life is to set the backgrounds of your devices to art that you love. You carry your phone in your pocket and check it approximately 20 million times a day — why not make it just a little more boujee? When you flip open your laptop to crank out that essay due at 11:59 tonight, be greeted with your favorite art. Another good thing about this tip is that you can change your backgrounds as quickly as your muses and whims change. Michaelangelo’s David one day, the Mona Lisa the next. Or whatever you like!

person holding smartphone

2. Posters

Paper your dorm walls with ‘em. Posters come fairly cheap on most websites, and you can find some stunning artwork. Patchworking your walls with the art that you love is a great thing to make your space your own. Keep in mind how both portrait and landscape posters could fit on your wall — arranging your posters is an art itself!


3. Museums

Using your U Card, you can get into UMFA (the Utah Museum of Fine Arts) for free (free!). Make an afternoon of it and stroll around, soaking up all the art. The Utah Natural History Museum also has free (free!) entrance with a U Card, so you can go see cave wall art as well!

woman standing in front of painting inside the building

4. Galleries

Galleries might exist to entice you to buy artwork… but looking is free! See what local galleries are near you and check them out. The Gateway’s Urban Arts Gallery is a really excellent choice. It’s near the U campus, accessible by TRAX, and features many pop culture references within the art. 

assorted paintings on white painted wall

5. Art Events

Keep an ear to the ground and your eyes peeled for any art events. The yearly Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway is totally free (free!) and features local artists you can watch as they create their masterpieces. Check around for other art events near you!

assorted color pens on floor


Art is not as inaccessible as it may seem to your low-budget lifestyle. With these tips, you’ll be able to incorporate much more art into your daily life to make it a little more picture-perfect.


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