How to Glow Up Overnight

Okay, sis, here’s the deal: we’re on month, like, 27 of winter, it’s midterm season, and the light at the end of the tunnel (summer) is still a month and a half away. Valentine’s Day is long past, and the next big holiday we have to look forward to isn’t until July. Sh*t’s a little rough right now, let’s be honest. But as easy as it would be to just sit here and wallow in the mediocrity that is the middle of spring semester, I have a better idea for you: an overnight glow-up.

I know, I know, it sounds impossible, you say. My glow-up from middle school still isn’t really complete (I hope), so how the hell can I do it overnight?? Okay, so I’m not talking about a-braces-to-no-braces glow up, or a hastily-chopped-side-bangs -to-normal-haircut-glow-up, or even an “I-just-realized-it’s-not-cute-when-my-eyebrows-look-like-sperm” glow up. I mean an internal, whole-hearted, attitude shift kind of glow up. Here are some starters:

1. Get your nails done. I guess we’re starting with the external here, but it’s because even something as insignificant as this can really brighten up your day. Just this afternoon I walked into the nail salon feeling a little blah, but an hour later I walked out, nails freshly glowing, feeling like a boss ass b*tch. Thank you, next.

2. Take a mental break. Sometimes, all you need to reset your mental state is a break from whatever you’re doing at the moment. Usually, for me, this comes in the form of a Netflix break or, if you’re feeling like you need some inspiration, watch some YouTube videos that inspire you to reach your highest girl power potential. Another great thing to do is read a chapter or so of a book, and when I’m going for a glow up, my favorite book to read is You Are a Badass. It’s super inspirational and will turn you into a girl boss in seconds. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, taking a mental break can work wonders.


3. Pick out a cute outfit. In my own experience, there is very little that a bomb outfit can’t fix. When you walk into class and you’re feeling yourself and then someone gasses you up, it can turn your whole mood around. Head into the next day knowing that you’re going to look damn good, and get excited for it!

4. Find inspiration online. My new favorite thing to do before I go to bed is to scroll through VSCO and Pinterest to find images that inspire me. Girl boss quotes and collages are a dime a dozen right now, so it’s insanely easy to find things that hype you up immediately. Plus, once you start searching them and pinning or favoriting them, the powers that be, aka the algorithms, will start recommending new ones to you. Magic! If you find a particularly good one, repost it to your Instagram story, or Tweet it, or whatever you want to do, so that other people who may not even know that they needed to see it, can see it.

We all get stuck in ruts, and sometimes it’s difficult to get out of them, especially if you’re swamped with a million different homework assignments and obligations. It’s so important to make a little time for yourself and find something that brings you joy and amps you up. Like I mentioned earlier, even spending 15 minutes on something enjoyable can shift your entire attitude around. Find the little things that make you happy, and pad your day with them. 24-hour glow up, here we come!!

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