How to Find Your Place in Sorority Life as a New Member

Yay! We’re only a few more weeks from the end of the semester and winter break! By now you should know where all your classes are, the amount of coffee you need to get you up in the morning, and how to get your roommate to drive to class every morning. One thing that can still feel a little uncomfortable is sorority life, especially as a new member. Sorority and Greek life can be filled with great friends, amazing memories, and incredible opportunities. However, you may feel like you’re not fitting in or that you don’t think that it’s a right fit for you.  You could just be having doubts of Greek life in general. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! When I went through recruitment over four years ago, I was having the same doubts about joining a sorority. Here are some tips that helped me combat my doubts and pushed me to become more involved.

  1. 1. Reach Out to Someone!

    Like I said before, you’re definitely not alone! During my senior year of sorority life, I got with some of my sisters and told them how I felt at the beginning of our experience and almost all of them felt the same way. Talk to others about it; your pledge sisters, your big (or g-big), your new member educator, or even your risk/judicial chair. Everyone is there to create memories and lasting friendships, and being in a sisterhood means be there for each other even if you’ve only known each other for a few months or a few years.  

  2. 2. Get Involved!

    Becoming involved within my sorority is what made me stay, and I don’t regret any part of it. As a new member, there are fewer opportunities to serve on the executive board and other positions within the chapter. Reach out to those members though! Ask if they need help setting up for the philanthropy event or if they need someone to help them go shopping for decorations for formal. Knowing that you’re helping others in the process of helping yourself can make you feel even better about the situation.

  3. 3. No, You're Not "Lost in the Crowd!" 

    One of the things that made me doubt if being in a sorority was the right choice was feeling like I was being left out or "lost in the crowd." As a new member, you may feel this way, especially if you’re from out of state or didn’t go to school with any of your new sisters. However, this goes back to reaching out to someone. Tell your new member educator that you’re feeling left out of the conversation and events, and I promise she will do everything to make you feel loved and wanted. Another great way to not feel lost is to ask someone to go with you to events. Ask your new sister who lives on the floor above you in the dorms or the only other girl from the East coast in your pledge class. 

  4. 4. Stick with it!

    This is a new experience. Give yourself time to settle into things and discover what you want to get out of this experience. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it past my new membership semester, let alone two semesters. However, I am so happy I stuck with it. My third semester is where it hit me that this is where I wanted to be. I was able to find friends, get involved, and found my place within the chapter.

Being in a sorority has brought me some of my favorite memories, greatest friends, and opportunities I would’ve never had without it. Without the guidance and compassion from my sisters, I would’ve had been able to get through one of the hardest days of my life or have someone cheer me on while I went for that very important interview. Give it time, and you’ll find your place.  

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