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How To Do Disney Over Spring Break

Disneyworld is probably my favorite place on earth and I’m 21 years old. I spent a lot of my fond childhood memories at Disney and have the picture books to prove it. Meeting the characters were my favorite and I can’t say enough about the rides—but what really got me captivated was the amount of time and effort the people who created it must have put in for it to be so amazingly enjoyable. I mean seriously, the details of the buildings and gardens and rides are absolutely mind blowing. This is why you undoubtedly need a plan before even getting off the plane on Orlando, and I will try and establish such a plan for you, because Disney rocks… but only if you know what you’re doing.

1. If you’re able to, buy your park passes ONLINE before arriving:

This is a no-brainer. Standing in line at check-in at the hotel when you arrive or at the park the day of is excruciating. I know I have limited patience when all the shinning and beautiful rides are awaiting me only meters away. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase them online so as to enjoy an expedited check-in experience.


2. Once you buy your passes online you’ll have the option to choose Fast Passes online as well! DO THIS.

I feel like the fast pass isn’t utilized enough by Disney goers. This is crazy to me because they make so much sense. Sure, you’ll still have to wait in the other fast pass lane for the rides of your choosing, but it’s so much faster than waiting in an hour and a half line for Space Mountain. Trust me on this one, you’ll be grateful for these little guys


3. Make it your mission to get those steps in during your tour around the parks.

 Speed walking is crucial to the Disney experience. If you’re like me, you want to do all the things, multiple times, and at lightening speed! If you’re traveling with children, make sure to prep them for the treks ahead. I’ll be the girl speed walking and passing people left and right strategically from attraction to attraction.


4. Last, but certainly not least, keep that phone in your back pocket.

Nothing sucks more than missing out on quality family or friend time because your little electronic device is buzzing all day long. If you must, take a few pictures but try to keep them to a minimum, as your memories are best kept in your mind.


I hope this has helped all you Disney fanatics brave the spring break season. The lines will be massive, but so will the mems!! Have a Disney day!

Ally Askew is pursuing an English degree at the University of Utah. She is an aspiring creative writer in both fiction and non-fiction. Her favorite things to do are skiing with her sister Olivia, snoozing with her bulldog Lily, and drinking coffee while reading a good book.
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