How to Achieve The Perfect Shave...Down There

When the time comes that you need to be smooth, but you don’t want to get waxed and can’t get as soft as you would like, life can get a little stressful. As if being a girl isn’t hard enough, right?

I have been on a mission. A mission dedicated to finding the smoothest, softest shave. I am over the bumps burns and whatever else happens from a rough shave.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and experiment ways to get the perfect shave…down there.



I didn’t always give myself time to soften my skin with warm water before I put blade to hair. I would splash a little then go at it. BUT, when I gave myself around ten minutes of sitting in the bath, I found my skin became a lot less irritated. I recommend doing a hair or facemask on your shave day and have 10 more minutes of shower time. 


I use a Burt’s Bees cranberry body scrub, but any body exfoliate will do. You can even make your own with sugar and coconut oil! Gently exfoliate all around to prevent ingrown hairs.


Even though the exfoliator should have an oil base, I recommend using a small amount of your hair conditioner. Especially if it hasn’t been long since your last shave and your hair is really rough. This will help the blade glide and hair to come off smoother.


Electric Razor

I know they may be an investment, but an investment well worth it! I was doing all of the above steps but with my $10 razor, (which still was a splurge on razors for me.) I would cringe every time I would put my razor to work because I knew I would get out of the shower to see redness and irritation. An electric razor made all the difference and got a closer shave. Here is the one on Amazon that I purchased and swear by.

After Shave:

You put so much effort into down there, this one last step will seal the deal.

I have tried a few of the men’s after shaving products that Sephora carries and Shave Fix’s “The Cool Fix” is my favorite. I put a small amount of product in areas that can become the most irritated right after I get out of the shower. I noticed this has also helped the hair not grow in itchy.


There you have it, colligettes! Enjoy your smooth shaves this V-day and beyond.