Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gifts Under $20

Now that Thanksgiving has come to an end, we move into the end last month of the holiday season, which means it’s time to start giving out some gifts. If you’re anything like me, you love giving gifts to your friends and family, but sometimes finding the right one can seem impossible. And to make the gift search even more frustrating, it seems like everything that could be a good gift is out of reach, price-wise. I mean, as much as I’m sure we’d all love to be David Dobrik and gift everyone cars, that is unfortunately just not realistic for the majority of us. While looking for possible gifts, I came across a lot that I liked, and realized that some of them were under $20! So, continuing to look for gifts in that price range, I was able to create a holiday gift guide of 20 gift ideas that are less than 20 dollars. Your friends, family, and bank account will thank you for these! (Note: Click the name of the brand/website (Amazon, Target, etc.), underneath the image to find that exact item!)


  1. 1. Satin Pillowcase Set 

    I actually have one of these, and I love it. I genuinely feel like the pillowcase helps to de-frizz my hair. This set comes with the silk pillowcase, a silk eye mask, and even a lavender pillow spray! This is a great gift idea for anyone in your life who wants to help their hair look more soft and sleek while feeling fancy AF.

  2. 2. Beanie

    Beanies are necessary for any situation. It’s cold outside? Beanie. Bad hair day? Beanie. Want to add a little something extra to your outfit? Beanie! There are so many different colors and styles and the one I linked is just one of the endless options. It’s a perfect gift for anyone in your life!

  3. 3. Phone Case 

    Because practically everyone has a phone these days (if you don’t, though, good for you, because I think the majority of us simply can’t live without ours), a phone case is undoubtedly a solid gift option. Plus, like with the beanies, there are thousands of different designs and styles, so you can customize it to what you would think the recipient would like best.

  4. 4. Journal 

    These Q&A type journals are super cute gifts in my opinion. It’s a relatively unique gift that is fun to use because of the interesting and thought-provoking questions. I feel like it’s one of those gifts that you may not necessarily buy yourself, but you would definitely like and use it if you received it as a present!

  5. 5. Holiday Popcorn Tin

    You can never go wrong with any kind of food-related gift. This popcorn tin is a fun gift idea that anyone would love, because I'm pretty sure everyone likes popcorn. This one has three different flavors and of course, comes in a festive tin. Also, if you want to stick with the fun foods theme, but want something other than popcorn, Target has lots of similar gift baskets, but with chocolate, candy, etc. The options are delicious and endless! 

  6. 6. Holiday Hot Cocoa Set

    Hot cocoa is an inescapable part of the holiday season (not that I'm complaining), so this gift is a must for someone on your list. There’s three different hot cocoa mixes and three different toppings, all packed in adorable star-shaped glasses containers. I might just have to get this one for myself.

  7. 7.  Burt's Bees Gift Set

    Of course, I have to include some good old self care items on this list. This Burt’s Bees gift set comes with a lotion, a cleansing oil, a facial oil, eye masks, and a lip balm. It’s got everything you need and is the perfect self care kit for your friends!

  8. 8. Cookbook 

    This gift is for the friend or family member who either loves to bake, or wants to learn how to do so. Just looking at the cover will make you want this cookbook for yourself so that you can make some of these recipes. Plus, you can assume that whoever you give this book to will make some of the recipes, so be sure to subtly offer to be the taste tester.

  9. 9. Jade Roller

    Here's self care item number two on this list! Apparently these jade rollers are very popular right now, and I’m kind of tempted to buy one for myself to try it out. The roller is supposed to feel cooling on your skin and help to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, under-eye circles, etc. This one is for the person on your list who lives for these fancy self-care products.

  10. 10. Mini Waffle Maker

    Am I the only one who thinks waffle makers are really fun to use? It’s just so satisfying when you open it and there it is, ready to go! This one is only $10 and comes in 10 different colors! While you’re at it, buy some waffle mix too so that you and your friends can make yourselves a fun breakfast! 

  11. 11. Cozy Socks

    I feel like you can’t make it through the holiday season without giving or receiving a pair of socks. But let’s be real, these cozy socks are always a necessity during the holiday season, so I’m never mad when I get some, and I'm sure your friends and family members wouldn't be either.

  12. 12. Perfume Set

    Perfume is another gift that you really can’t go wrong with. This set comes with four different rollerball perfumes, each with a different scent. I actually bought this for my mom a few years ago, and I can say they all smell great. (I even stole one of them from her afterward.) Pick this perfume set up for anyone you know who wants to smell nice, which, isn’t that everyone? 

  13. 13. Cute Mug

    Of course, I had to include a gift for all of the coffee/tea lovers, or for that person who has way more mugs than they actually need. (AKA my parents.) Even though I’m not a huge coffee or tea drinker, I would still love this mug because it’s seriously so cute. Who wouldn’t want a hedgehog mug?! 


  14. 14. Travel Mug

    Here’s an on-the-go version of a gift for those coffee/tea lovers. Travel mugs are perfect for that friend or family member who is always running late, or is just really clumsy. This gift will just make someone's life life that much easier! 

  15. 15. Origins Face Mask Set

    Am I the only one that feels like face masks have a weird way of making you feel like you have everything in your life under control? I don’t know why exactly, but I do know that these kinds of products are what we all need during the stressful holiday season. These are a perfect small gift or stocking stuffer! 

  16. 16. Mini Backpack

    If you know someone like me who gets annoyed with having a purse strap falling off their shoulder every second, buy them a mini backpack instead. I have one of these and I can definitely say it comes in handy. Plus, I feel like it can act as an accessory to make you look more fashionable when in reality you just need somewhere to throw all of the random things that you carry around with you. Cute and practical is the best gift combo!

  17. 17. Fleece Blanket

    Like socks, blankets are such a typical holiday gift, but we all know why. They keep you warm and are super soft and you just want to be wrapped in one all holiday season. Basically, big, fluffy blankets are a must when it comes to gift-giving.

  18. 18. Disposable Camera

    If you haven’t noticed, disposable cameras are very “in” right now, because we all want to be cool and have vintage-looking photos I guess. But seriously, I actually want one for myself because I like how these photos look and for some reason, it seems fun to anticipate seeing your photos until they’re developed. You can buy a few of these as gifts for your friends, have a holiday party, and then have your friends bring cameras and take a bunch of pictures!

  19. 19. Minimergency Kit

    This is seriously such a good gift idea in my opinion. Everyone can remember when they had some kind of malfunction and needed one product in particular that, of course, they didn’t have. This kit comes with things like hair spray, floss, a tampon, and even a mini sewing kit. Whoever you decide to give this to will surely thank you.

  20. 20. Mario Badescu Facial Spray Travel Trio

    I absolutely love Mario Basescu facial sprays, and I know several other people who feel the same way. If you know these people too, then you have to get them this gift. It comes with three travel-size facial sprays that can be used before applying makeup as a primer, after applying as a setting spray, or literally whenever you want just to freshen up. It’s another easy, yet ideal gift. 

I’m going to end this article in classic Youtuber fashion, with a little disclaimer. The holidays are obviously not solely about giving gifts, but, it’s definitely a very fun part. I personally love finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member and giving someone a gift as a way to show your appreciation for them is a wonderful feeling. That being said, hopefully this gift guide helped you out or gave you some gift buying inspiration. Although these gifts are simple and not too fancy, I think they’re still great options because they’re fun, cute, and practical too. The people in your life are bound to love them no matter what because as we all know, it’s the thought that counts most. Happy holiday shopping!