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The Hiatus is Over, Winter is Coming

Ski Season Is Near

Surprise y’all, ski season is near! The time is coming for all snow lovers to rejoice, as winter will soon arrive (and it’s bound to be a wet one.) Colorado, parts of Utah, and the Southern Rockies are all expected to see above-average precipitation for the start of the 2018-2019 season. Below I have compiled the best of best, the three vital items to add to your Christmas list for a good time on the mountain. So get out there, ya bums, and enjoy the season to come.


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  • Fischer Ranger 98 Ti – $650

The Fischer Ranger 98 Ti’s are versatile across every type of snow or short turns, and bums anything you throw at it. These skis can handle all the harsh conditions that come with a Utah winter. With a beech and poplar wood core, it gives the ski the combination of stiffness and energy that allows to to excel in any terrain and conditions. Carbon fiber tips reduce the chatter on hard rough snow, titanium inserts boost the stability, and a convex arc from edge to edge, the Fischer’s Aeroshape. Allow for ultra-quick turns. Truely an all mountain ski.


  • Volkl Secret – $700

These Volkl’s are headlined as a new forefront of all mountain attitude ski’s perfect for hardcore women. Sitting at 92-mm underfoot, the Secret’s are constructed with the new Volkl Titanal Frame design, where metal sections are placed on the edges of the ski’s tip and tail, with an extra carbon piece added to the tip. The result is a notably lighter weight, without compromising the responsiveness of the ski’s.


  • Atomic Redster G9 2018 – $750

The Atomic Redster G9 is a ski made for those with a need for speed. Designed for those that love the Grand Slalom style of skiing, the ski stands out above all others for its power and precision over a long area. New this year is a firm sidewall that gives the Atomic Redster a stable and immensely grippy feel on hard snow and ice. As a nun FIS ski, the Atomic Redster G9 is a great choice for someone who doesn’t need the FIS specification, but still wants the same performance and reliability.


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Ski Coats

  • Arc’teryx Sabre/Sentinel – $625

This jacket dominates in the high-end market, with both the men’s Sabre and women’s Sentinel shell being an all time favorite for those who ski both the resort and backcountry. With three layers of Gore-Tex and a soft fleece backer, the Sabre and Sentinel balance nicely between the right range of motion and still with enough space for layering. While the normal jacket doesn’t use high-end Gore-Tex Pro, you can upgrade to the Rush style, for only $699 a pop.


  • Helly Hansen Alpha – $450

For resort skiers, the Alpha 3.0 is an excellent jacket for a good value. Unlike a non-insulated hard shell, the Alpha comes with  PrimaLoft Black insulation, for a big boost of warmth. The jacket also offers 4 way stretch fabric and a no-nonsense athletic fit, perfect for all ages and sizes.

  • Patagonia Descensionist – $449

While Patagonia’s soft/hardshell Reconnaissance has been discontinued, it has been replaced by the equally as impressive Descensionist. This jacket is a strong downhill performer with great protection, an adjustable powder skirt, and a shape that won’t get in your way. There is some stretch built into the fabric and a breathable 3 layer construction. The Descensionist does lack however in the area of pit zips, so if you sweat a lot, this might not be the right jacket for you. However you may feel about the pit zips, the Descensionist is an all around great design that gives other jackets a run for their money.




  • Hestra Heli Gloves – $145

Ski professionals all over the world have trusted this Swedish manufacturer for decades, and the Hestra Heli gloves are here to remind us of our loyalty. The comfortable and highly functional ski glove has been around for years and still remains the best in its class. They are built for premium warmth, quality, and comfort and at a great price too. By using mostly leather in their construction, the benefit is that the gloves are very durable and flexible. Some maintenance may be required (a leather conditioner) to keep the moisture at bay, but some maintenance for premium gloves is well worth the effort.


  • Black Diamond Guide Glove – $170

The Black Diamond Guide glove is legendary among hardcore skiers for having warmth and durability. The design is completely waterproof with Gore-Tex inserts. Inside these gloves, there are layers of both PrimaLoft synthetic and and thick boiled wool for insulation. The only downside to these gloves are that they may take some time to break in, and may still lack the flexibility that the Hestra Heli Gloves offer.   


  • Black Diamond Mercury Mitten – $110

For keeping your hands warm, mittens win hands down compared to all others. It may be harder to grip a pole, but the Black Diamond Mercury Mitten offer a boost of warmth, while also at a great price. It includes a 4 way stretch shell and includes removable split-finger liners to make it very user friendly. This glove also has passed the test of time by holding up to wear and tear while others have fallen short. The only downside is whether or not you are comfortable wearing a mitten.


As shot ski season nears, don’t forget to stock up on all of your essential ski gear for a gnarly ride ahead.



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