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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

This week, we decided to do a collaborative article! We decided to do a style swap, and had so much fun!

What inspired you to do this article?

Both of us have unique styles that are very different from each other, so we thought it would be fun to switch it up and see how it would feel to try someone else’s style! Style is such a personal thing, so it was interesting to see how it would feel to try on the outfits that someone else feels comfortable in.


How would you describe your personal clothing style?

Savanna: In a comical but all too serious way, I’m probably a mix of 13-year-old boy gone soccer MILF. I normally wear bright colored, non-patterned shirts/sweatshirts with black Lululemon leggings or ripped jeans with sneakers or Converse. I’m very comfort-over-appearance in my style. I don’t often wear any jewelry with my outfits, but if I do, it’s very minimal.

Ellie: Oof, describing style is hard. My own style changes pretty frequently, so I guess right now I would describe it as girly and classic, with a touch of vintage. I generally follow fashion trends, but I try to put my own twist on it.


What fashion trends are you loving at the moment?

Savanna: I have a habit of tracking trends for seasons we aren’t even in, so right now I’m currently checking out underwire bikinis and summer dresses. Specifically for winter, I’ve been trying to slowly incorporate simple new clothing styles into my wardrobe such as scarves, gloves, etc. I have a very minimalistic wardrobe and tend to have several of the same clothing items I wear over and over until they turn to threads. After a clothing item is no longer wearable, I finally bring myself to go shopping and try to pick something new! The outfits I picked for Ellie were three of my most regular wears. I’m all about the classic ripped skinny jean look because they match with almost everything, so I paired those with the red top and black jacket as well as the green striped shirt. The red top is a plain and comfy long sleeve that was accented well by the black jacket. (My regular clothing items tend to be things that can easily match and be paired with other items). The green striped top is a recent favorite of mine, I love bright colors and tight fitted clothing, so it was love at first sight. The last outfit was my black and grey sweater and is definitely a repetitive trick I use to look cute and feel comfy and warm in the cold!

Ellie: The outfits I picked for Savanna reflect a lot of my favorite trends right now. I LOVE animal prints, hence the snakeskin skirt. Since I’m so short, maxi skirts tend to look kind of weird on me, so I picked a midi skirt instead. I also have been kind of digging the whole grungy, skater boi-chic vibe that has taken the internet by storm recently, so I added on a black leather jacket. I’m also a huge fan of gingham and checked prints, and I like to pair them with plain tops, so I put Savanna in pants with a bigger checked pattern, and a black mock-neck sweater, because black sweaters are always timeless. For the last outfit, I decided to go with something a little more classic and understated, which was just a grey sweater with cuffed black jeans. The sweater has a lopsided pocket on it, which is almost completely dysfunctional but adds some unique style. I feel like this is something that can always be a go-to if you have nothing else to wear!

Here are the outfits Ellie styled on Savanna:

Outfit 1:

Leather Jacket: Old Navy (purchased on the Relovv app)

Tube Top: Pretty Little Thing

Skirt: Princess Polly (the brand is Minkpink)

The boots are Savanna’s!


Outfit 2:

Sweater: Boohoo

Pants: LOFT (but I thrifted them :))

The boots are still Savanna’s!


Outfit 3:

Sweater: Romwe

Jeans: Cotton On (these are Savanna’s jeans)

Shoes: Converse


Here are the outfits Savanna styled on Ellie:

Outfit 1: 

Jacket: White House Black Market

Red T-shirt: Cotton On

Black Jeans: Nordstrom (these are Ellie’s jeans)

Shoes: Vans (these are Ellie’s shoes)


Outfit 2:

Top: Kohl’s children’s section

Jeans: Nordstrom (these are Ellie’s jeans)

Shoes: Vans (also Ellie’s shoes)


Outfit 3: 

Sweater: White House Black Market

Jeans: Kohl’s

Shoes: Vans (Ellie’s)


Were there any styles your partner chose for you that you are more interested in after trying them?

Savanna: I loved the checked pants. I’ve seen so many black and white patterned styles getting big recently but hadn’t tried any form of them until our clothing swap. I’ve never favored myself in dark clothing but trying a few neutral clothing items in darker color schemes has made me more open to trying clothing items like that. Ellie and I both brought black jackets for each other’s swap, and I loved that hers was leather! It gave a smooth and classic look to the whole outfit I paired it with.

Ellie: My favorite item that I wore was the green striped shirt! I always wear neutral tones like black and grey, so it was so fun to add a pop of color, and it definitely made me want to brighten up my closet a little. I also really liked the bomber jacket that I wore. It was super warm, but also so cute! I think jackets like this are definitely a good way to add some flair to an outfit. Definitely will be investing in one!


What are your overall feelings about the style swap?

Savanna: It was very fun to try on clothing styles of someone whose style I admire and show her the clothing styles I wear most often and feel most comfortable with. Though most of the items of Ellie’s I tried on I have nothing close to in my closet, I deeply appreciated experiencing the style of someone else’s personal faves. I’m now much more open to trying clothing styles and trends that I wasn’t open to or interested in before.

Ellie: So. Much. Fun. Sometimes it’s hard to branch out of your style box, so getting a taste of a style that is completely different from yours is like a breath of fresh air! It gave me some great ideas for outfits that I want to put together in the future, and for styles that I want to test out at some point. Not only was it fun to swap clothes, but it was cool to be behind the camera directing things. I definitely would recommend this, whether it be for a project or an article, or even just for fun with your friends!

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Ellie is a junior at the University of Utah double majoring in Ballet and Strategic Communications. In addition to Her Campus, she is also a member of It's On Us. She loves to travel, is a big fan of all things fashion, and has an unhealthy obsession with cute coffee shops. You can find her (and her blog) on Instagram @ellie.bresler
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