Having a Crush in College is Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Let’s be honest, we have all had a crush during our time in college, whether it was the cute guy in your writing class or the barista at the campus store Starbucks, or that one person in the library who obviously doesn’t know who you are (yet) but you just KNOW the two of you are getting married in the future. I know I am not the only one who thinks like that, don't even lie.

First thing’s first: clarifying what a crush even is, so in the wise words of me, a crush is "the turbulent of emotions that are exhilarating, slightly-nervous-but-never-anxious feelings you get when you're in the vicinity of a hot person where in your mind your putting your hands up and shouting 'DAMN!' " Besides, the beauty of having a crush is the freedom of exploring your options with said crush. You are in total control of where you want to go, whether they simply make a nice piece of eye candy or have the potential of being someone you’re genuinely interested in.

The best part of having a crush is you can have more than one and they come and go at your convenience. Of course, we’re not in high school anymore, so how you go about your crush in college can be very new territory, but as long as you keep on being you, there’s absolutely no need to panic. Even if you do go about approaching your crush in a seemingly awkward way, who cares? If you like the person standing across the room, you go get 'em! You go and strut your stuff! And if it all goes well you can later tell your friends that “I came, I saw, I conquered.” If things didn’t pan out, move on to the next. College life is full of 'em.

We’re in our 20’s now, and yeah, we’re still figuring out who we are, what we like, and who we like. But that’s what college is all about, more or less. You keep on trudging through life and figuring out where you stand, no rush in having it all figured out - especially the world of romance, flirting and crushing. It’s your life and if you get teased for having a crush on that cutie in your math class, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. At one point the person teasing you wilk admit they have a crush on someone too, and that just opens up a whole new girls night topic of discussion. There’s nothing to be ashamed about for having  a crush in college, or ever in your lifetime. And, for all we know, your crush could be eyeing you too… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.