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Easter, the last holiday until Halloween to get your candy fix. And for those of you who are counting, that is about a six month stretch without festive candy. As you stalk up on your spring sweets, we have created an accurate guide for Easter Candy from the worst to the best to help you shop. (WARNING: We are not featuring things like Reeses Eggs or Spring M & M’s, because you can get the regular same tasting candy in it’s regular shape all year round)


Some Brand you’ve never heard of’s Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

You’ve seen this type. The brightly colored box from some chocolate brand you have never heard of with the too shiny, waxed chocolate Easter bunny. Its appearance is deceiving (and for some reason they are always super large, which makes it sound more delicious). You think you are just going to have some regular old chocolate. Nope. You bite into a solid piece of wax vaguely reminiscent of chocolate. 


Russel Stover Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs/Bunnies

Imagine generic chocolate, with a slightly better chocolate taste encasing a sad candy that thinks it is a marshmallow (which, as a s’mores connoisseur I can say, it is not), and you also have those weird marshmallow chocolate eggs or bunnies. You may recognize them more from their Santa form during Christmas time, but somehow this candy maker continues to make them on into Easter.



People either hate peeps or are hard core followers, there is no gray area here. Sorry to all the marshmallow lovers out there for ranking marshmallow Easter candy so low. Let’s be real here though, Peeps do not taste like good marshmallows. I feel like, if they were just Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows shaped as chicks and bunnies, we would be fine. Instead, we get this bizarre dry marshmallow candy thing with an indescribably texture. Which, is really sad, because they are so cute. To be honest, still buy them for Easter because of nostalgia/decorative appeal

Generic Jelly Beans

I am all here for regular Jelly Belly jelly beans, but for some reason my parents the Easter bunny would put generic large jelly beans in my basket. They only came in like, 5 flavors: pitiful. Where was my delicious fruit punch and marshmallow flavored Jelly Bellies? I was RIPPED OFF. This may just be a personal grudge of mine, but I think we can all agree, that so few flavors are very boring. These jelly beans also feel less chewy and not as smooth as Jelly Bellies. (STARBURST JELLY BEANS ARE EXCLUDED, SEE ABOVE)

Whopper Robin Eggs

You’d always find these along with jelly beans under the plastic strings of grass in your Easter basket. They aren’t the best chocolate, and have a chalky, rough texture, but there is something about them that keeps you eating them. They aren’t the best chocolate, but they aren’t the worst. (Yes, you can buy Whoppers year-round, but does anyone really care about them unless it’s Easter?) 

The GOOD Chocolate Bunny

Ahh, the good chocolate bunny made by decent chocolatiers like Lindt, Dove or at least Hershey. This is the good stuff. It is actually hollow, and tastes like chocolate. The satisfying crack of the hollow chocolate, is the best sound during Easter.  Appearance wise they are also very cute. They usually come with a fancy little bow, you just feel more elegant eating this kind.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

No one ever hates Cadbury Creme Eggs. How can you complain about decadent chocolate with a creamy melty center? You simply can’t.

Starburst Jelly Beans

Skittles should really invest in jelly beans, I would eat tons of that. Anyway! Starburst creates these yummy jelly beans using their signature starburst flavors. Unlike Large Generic Jelly Beans, these are smooth and have a nice texture to them.They aren’t as well advertised as other Easter favorites like Cadbury Eggs, but they are out there, and I highly recommend you buy a few bags.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs

The holy grail of all Easter candy. If you find them in your grandma’s candy dish during Easter dinner, you probably eat the whole dish in one sitting. No remorse. They are simply too irresistible. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like these suckers.


Now go out there, friends. Engorge on seasonal candy, you won’t get another chance for another six months!


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