A Guide to Mastering Winged Eyeliner and Finding the Perfect Mascara

Hi!! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s article I’ll be telling you lovely ladies and gentlemen how to get that perfect winged eyeliner and find a mascara that works for you!


First, eyeliner (because you never put eyeliner on after mascara).

If you’ve ever attempted winged eyeliner, you know that it’s not always a smooth trip. Here are a few things you can do to make it easier for you: 

  • Find an eyeliner that works for you. This can be liquid, gel, cream, or pencil. In my opinion, gel and liquid work the best for winged eyeliner. Gel eyeliner typically comes in a pot whereas liquid eyeliner can take on many forms, most commonly pens and tubes that come with applicators. It’s so important to try out these different forms of eyeliner, because you never know what’s going to work best for you. Don’t limit yourself — experiment and find the product that’s going to make this application easier for you.
  • If you have oily eyelids, try to prime and set them so the eyeliner stays in place all day. You don’t want your wing drooping down when it should be defying gravity.
  • Experiment with how long you want your wing to be and what shape you want it to take. Really consider your eye shape and even look at examples of winged eyeliner for your eye shape. Remember, what looks good on someone else might not necessarily look good on you. Do your research and practice. 
  • Start by drawing a thin line that extends from where your lower lash line ends. This is going to help you draw the rest of your wing. Resting your elbow on a flat surface will help you get that smooth black line. 
    • Another thing you can do to help guide you in drawing your glorious wings is putting a small piece of tape right underneath where you’d like the wing to begin and end. 
  • Carefully draw another diagonal line, but this time start at the tip of the line you just drew and bring it down to the middle of your eyelid. Again, you want to make sure this line is thin because the thinner it is, the more control you have. I personally like to stop at the center of my eye and fill in the wing I just created. But you can line your eye from your inner corner to the center if you’d like a bolder look. 
  • Move on to the next eye and repeat these same steps. It’s really difficult to achieve perfectly symmetrical wings, so start slow and take it easy. I like to take a Q-tip and measure the angle of the wing I just created and use it measure the wing on the other eye. Taking a break and stopping to look at the other wing also helps me make sure they look as similar as possible. 
  • PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE! It’s so easy to get frustrated and just end up scribbling all over your eye, but I promise, the more you practice the easier it will be for you. Your hand will get used to the motion. 

Now time to find the perfect mascara, because what’s winged eyeliner without a perfect set of lashes?


To find the perfect mascara for you, you have to do two things:

  • Look at reviews before you purchase a mascara, because what works for someone may not work for you, and this will give you a general idea of how the mascara performs.
  • Try different kinds of mascara.


Some good questions to ask yourself when searching for your lash enhancer are:

What am I looking to get out of this mascara?

  • ex., length, volume, curl

Was this tested on animals?

  • I promise you, there are many cruelty free brands that have amazing mascaras in any price range. (:

What kind of brush do I like?

  • ex., big, small, plastic, bristle

Are my eyes sensitive?

  • If you have sensitive eyes, looking at the reviews is a must!

Can I return this?

  • What’s the point in keeping a mascara you don’t like — thank you, next!!


Makeup is fun, but it can be extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to eyes. It takes a lot of practice, experimenting, and patience to find a look that you are happy with. I hope you found these tips helpful and soar with your wings! (: 


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