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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Tattoos, need we say more? Tattoos have been on the rise from sub-culture to mainstream (which might bothersome to a few) however because they are becoming more mainstream in society they are on the rise to becoming more accepted. And why not?! Tattoos hold meaning to every individual and every culture. There are many out there who feel that they should be judged on their characters rather than what is on their skin, here are some ideas to ponder about tattoos.

1. Successful

Many thought that if you had a tattoo you were a criminal or were most likely on the rise to being a drop-out delinquent. Now, we ask why you couldn’t be a doctor, or a lawyer, or even a teacher with tattoos. Because, it isn’t the image stopping you from doing your job, it is how others perceive that image. And, maybe having a tattoo on your face would be more difficult in finding a job. Kat Von D is a tattoo artist, but a very successful one at that. Not only does she own her own shop but she also dabbles in clothing and make-up. And hello?! Wasn’t she supposed to not make anything and be a deadbeat? Personally, when I walk into a place of service and see at least one person with a tattoo, I feel more comfortable.

2.   Tattoos A Distraction?

Tattoos can be beautiful to look at and, at other times, very interesting. Okay, well sometimes they can be very distracting if you want to add that artist to your collective work on your arm then simply run into a wall because your look at it for so long while you walk. It really depends on the individuals perspective, if they want to make it distracting in their lives. It is alright to like and dislike aspects of a tattoo and yes it is alright to say that maybe a certain tattoo distracts you, but usually you get over it because it is not on your skin.

3.  Life Story

When an individual has a tattoo, we can safely say that sometimes their whole lives are on their body, and maybe sometimes too much of their lives. However, whenever you ask why someone got a tattoo, the have at least one story and it could be wonderful. What is amazing is that a little symbol can mean so much more and in today’s society, we might be on the move to realizing that.

4.  Can Show You Are Responsible

A tattoo can show you’re dedicated, thoughtful, and value the idea that one must work to get something. No, let’s not think of your drunk friend who got a unicorn? (if that is what it looks like) tattooed on her hip. However, most individuals value meaning in their tattoos. That takes time, time to think of, draw up, and time for saving up a sufficient amount of money. If you want a well-done tattoo, it is going to take a great artist and firm mind on how you want your tattoo. However, many think that you just walk it and get it done. . As the individual getting the tattoo, you need to think of placement, size, color or black and white, and how painful will it be. The artists is well in thought about how well can I do my art, will it be good enough to get out there for others to see and appreciate, and how does this personal handle pain. In today’s world, this can be valuable in the way that maybe getting a tattoo takes is a big decision and takes responsibility.

5. Popular

Walk downtown, you’ll see a tattoo shop, turn on your Tv you’ll see “Ink Masters”, or even just browse the classroom,at least one person has a tattoo. Tattoos are a new symbol for everyone and they are unique to each individual. Not only has this generation accepted them but embraced them.

6.  Moving Artwork

You are literally, a moving piece of artwork. Any tattoo you have whether it is visible or it is not, is artistic. Your body is a temple, and it needs to be decorated by your ideas and aspirations  Now, we can respect if others do not care or want a tattoo, but that doesn’t mean they can’t respect our wishes as well. Sure, some tattoos you’ll regret and others you’ll love for the rest of your life. They are not erasable, but they are modifiable and should be taken seriously when getting one.

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor