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Whether you’re a certified expert in Friday night fun, or you’ve recently turned 21, and are just getting into the bar scene, there are, for better or worse, some universal going-out experiences we can all relate to. And of course, like everything else in life, The Office can describe these experiences pretty flawlessly (and no, I’m not just talking about Meredith, even though she’s super #relatable). Without further ado, here is a night at the bars, as told by The Office. Don’t say I never contributed anything to humanity.


When everyone in the groupchat actually agrees to go out tonight, and you don’t have to wrangle your antisocial friends (calling myself out here tbh)

Putting on your tight-ass dress, looking in the mirror, panicking, and doing some last minute workouts

Pulling up in the Uber like:

When you take your first shot, and it hits your stomach, and you realize you’ve had nothing to eat today but cereal and like, half a salad

… and then you say f**k it, and accept your inevitable hangover tomorrow.

When you spot a cutie across the bar, and your drunk brain decides they’re your soulmate.

Versus 12 seconds later when you see them with their girlfriend :/

Midway through the night when you’ve had like, several drinks and can already feel tomorrow’s headache

Realizing you’re actually tired as hell and considering peacing tf out

Then rallying because you ain’t no quitter

Finally getting into bed at an ungodly hour of the morning

Then you finish the night off, by realizing you had a blast and texting your friends to make plans for next weekend

Shout out to The Office for having gifs that describe every one of my experiences in life. Hopefully this weekend you can go out and have as much fun as Michael Scott!


All gifs taken from Imgur and Giphy

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