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Gift Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I’ve begun to remember how stressful it can be during the gift giving process. I, like so many, have a lot of trouble thinking of gift ideas for my family and friends. On top of that, I am also a college student, meaning that I also have a budget when it comes to getting gifts. When I went through this dilemma last year, I planned accordingly (for once) and began thinking of ideas for gifts around this time of the year. Now, it may seem a little early to even start preparing presents, but life does tend to get in the way. I’ve realized that this time is best because in a few short weeks, we will all be drowning in end of semester projects and finals. Here are a few cute gift ideas that are doable on a college student’s budget!

Homemade Sweets

One of my first thoughts when it comes to any gift is to incorporate something original and personal to add more meaning. For me, I love to bake anything from cupcakes to cookies. Making delicious pastries and putting them in cute boxes with ribbons is always my go-to. These little details don’t go unnoticed; one time I made French macarons for a few friends and I put them in little bags, finishing them off with a ribbon and note. They all loved them and thought the gift was thoughtful and sweet.

Gift Basket

If you aren’t talented in the crafting department or simply don’t have time, I always recommend buying a premade basket from Kneaders! These baskets include sweets, holiday bread, and small trinkets. They vary in price and can even be delivered. New baskets are put out everyday so there is always time to order one.


Looking for something simple? If so, definitely go for this gift idea then! My friends and I love gifting each other socks for any occasion, really, so it just seems natural to get each other socks for Christmas! I love to gift fuzzy and holiday themed socks for this time of the year. 

Hair Clips

This cute trend has not slowed down, allowing for a range of choices that are available in almost every retail store. This is true for Etsy as well — they have a huge variety of mix-and-match sets that can fit into anyone’s style.

Constellation or Initial Necklace 

Simplicity is definitely key when it comes to getting gifts on a budget. With these types of necklaces, it’s easy to know what an individual will like and that they will understand the point behind the gift. These are great for just about anyone!

Facemask & Jade Roller Combo

Skincare sets tend to be a very popular gift during the holiday season. The idea of buying a pack of sheet masks and a jade roller is perfect! In case you didn’t know, a jade roller is used to massage the face, depuff under eyes, and allow for mask serums to absorb into the skin much quicker. Also a little tip, both of these products can be stored in the fridge for the ultimate cooling effect.

The holiday season can be so stressful, and who doesn’t want a little inspo to help relieve that stress? I’ve found that planning in advance saves time and money — not to mention the traffic and full malls you will be avoiding the week before the 25th. 

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