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Piercings have become a lot more popular in recent years. With employers becoming more accommodating towards piercings, almost every girl out there is sporting a nose ring (myself included)…but nose rings aren’t the only piercings gaining popularity   You might not know it, but there is usually at least 1 person in every classroom that has their nipples pierced. Traditionally, mostly men get the piercing only on 1 nipple, but in recent years women have been getting double poked and men cringe at the thought. I am a woman, so will be speaking from my personal experience, and if you are thinking about getting your nipples pierced, there are a few things that you might want to know.

  1. It hurts just as bad as they say it does. I mean it’s not so bad you’ll pass out, but if you know your sensitive to pain bring a stuffed animal to squeeze. It’s not lasting pain, though. It’s intense but quick. You feel the needle poke your skin, then it feels like you got shot, and then it’s gone. I was so surprised the pain didn’t last longer, but it was literally over in 2 seconds. Going through the middle of the nipple is what hurts the most, but as my piercer reminded me, “That’s the worst it’s ever going to get.”

  2. They will be very sensitive afterwards and you will actually want to wear a bra. I know that sounds weird, but you’ll need it. Your nips are constantly being pulled downwards (thanks gravity) and you will really feel that pull if you don’t have your bra on. The bra provides nice support and makes the aftermath hurt 10x less. I would recommend a soft, full cupped, nonpadded bralette that clasps in the back. This way your nipples aren’t being compressed by a sports bra, and your breasts can get support from all sides without the risk of tweaking the jewelry pulling it on over your head. Also no lace. You’ll thank me later.

  3. Get a piercer that you trust! NEVER let anyone but a professional pierce your nipples. The nipples are a very sensitive area and getting a screwed up piercing can lead to lifelong damage to your nipples and prevent breastfeeding (typically nip piercings don’t interfere with breastfeeding, just take them out before you get pregnant). Personally, I would go to Koi Piercing Studio here in Salt Lake. They have the best staff of any studio I’ve been to and the best prices. All the piercers are very experienced and have been working there for years. The same guy who pierced my nose when I was 15 did my nipples when I was 19 and I now refuse to go to anyone else. Yes, Koi is very popular, so they tend to have big lines, but that right there should tell you all you need to know. The 45-minute wait is worth it.

  4. Aftercare is so important. These piercings are notoriously hard to care for and are on such a sensitive part of the body that they have a tendency to get infected if you aren’t careful. I did the “shot glass method” for the first few weeks until they got significantly less tender, then I simply rinsed with water in the shower daily. The shot glass method is taking saline solution (or salt water) in a shot glass, putting the shot glass over the nipple, and then lying on your back for a few minutes. The water helps keep the glass suctioned, but hold it down just to prevent any spillage. There is also a cleaning solution that I used ever time I got out of the shower.

  5. Nipple piercings can take a year and a half to heal. Some people complain that they never heal. Like all piercings, you must be diligent about washing them, even after you’ve had them for a long time. They will get ‘crusties’ on the outsides, but just clean them in the shower. Don’t twist the piercings, just push them from side to side to clean the bars. After about 6 months, you will probably need to get new, shorter bars. This reduces the length of the piercing. You are given longer than needed bars with the initial piercing to allow for some swelling, but once it’s healed a little the extra room on the jewelry can actually make you more prone to infection and swelling. This is why it’s important to get shorter jewelry bars when you need them.

  6. Don’t you dare care about what other people think. I waited for almost a year to get my nipples pierced because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t falling into a fad that I would actually end up hating. I worried how people would react to them and some said they would be gross or ugly. In the end, it was my body and my choice, so I did it and I love them. Don’t let anyone, especially boys, talk you out it.

Getting your nipples pierced is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. They are a riskier piercing than most, but the payoff is more than worth it. You get to have your own adorable little secret, and you can get many different types of jewelry. It’s like wearing matching underwear, you feel so cute all day but also like you have a dirty secret. What are you waiting for? Go free your nipples with matching studs!

Here is Koi Piercing’s Website: http://koipiercingslc.com/#home

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