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Getting Ready for College Fashion Week with Mary Kay

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

For an event as exciting as College Fashion Week, the pressure is on to look good from head to toe. One of the most important parts of any look is makeup and finding the perfect balance for your look can be tricky. This year, I decided to keep my look classic and refined with makeup from Mary Kay. I felt sophisticated but simple, and the relaxed look allowed my outfit to really shine.

After starting with a clean face and putting on some light foundation and concealer, I contoured with a customized palette that I got at Her Conference LA this summer. I especially loved this blush: the color is just vibrant enough to give a flushed look without being overwhelming and it stayed on all day as I walked around the city.

For my eyes, I used the same palette. Starting with the pinky nude at the center, I covered my whole lid. I then layered a shimmery brown in the corners and dabbed white at the center of my eyelids. After finishing off with eyeliner, I put on the Mary Kay mascara. This mascara was a godsend all weekend: it layers better than almost any other one I’ve tried so you can wear it as a light, natural layer or go all out for dramatic lashes.

After all the excitement of the day, the thing I was happiest about was the makeup remover. Mary Kay’s oil-free formula takes off layers upon layers of mascara with no issue and no pain, which is more than I can say for a lot of makeup removers. It’s gentle but potent enough that it can easily be used to clean up eyeliner or smudges with a q-tip (while you’re at it, get reusable q-tips and makeup pads. They’re better for the environment and sometimes work even better!).

I spent the day after the show wandering around Boston before flying home, and the mascara was once again my favorite thing. It was just enough to brighten my admittedly sleepy eyes without feeling like I was layering on tons of makeup. I felt clean and refreshed when I needed to, but that didn’t stop me from feeling appropriately made up for the glamour of CFW. My goal was sophistication, and I definitely achieved that.

Emily is studying English and Strategic Communications at the University of Utah, where she's also an editor for Her Campus. She cares a lot about feminism, period dramas, sunsets, cooking, and The X Files. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can find her work at her food blog pancakesandporridge.com
With a double major in Political Science and Economics, Allyson hopes to become either a lawyer or a professor of political science after she finishes her degree at the U. Her hobbies include shopping for clothing she cannot afford and working out without breaking a sweat. She is an avid lover of podcasts, and always appreciates recommendations.