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Billie Eilish says it best in her song “Getting Older” by saying “there’s reasons that I’m thankful, there’s a lot I’m grateful for, but it’s different when a strangers always waiting at your door.” Getting older is extremely thrilling due to the hyper independence that it brings, but the unknown of it is utterly terrifying. The independence of it all comes with a price and the only person who can determine how much should be spent during a certain season of life is you.

In your 20s it feels like the way you are going to go about everyday is a daily decision — are you going to play the part of a person who has their shit together or forget that and roll out of bed at noon? The vulnerability of expressing your sleep schedule is great for the gathering of like company, however, is it prioritizing the version of yourself that you want to see in the mirror so badly?

As the aging process begins, our conscious choices become more difficult with even the simplest of tasks. Time management, for example, is the epitome of becoming a dignified elder. Making the choice to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night to study rather than going out to get drinks with friends is the “adult” thing to do, but what if the love of your life just so happens to be at that very bar at the same time? What’s the best choice then?

Accountability is hard, decision making is hard, and life is hard — until it’s not. Getting older is one of the scariest things a human goes through but the fact that every human does it is quite reassuring. Relax and remember that no one knows what they are doing (even if they say they do). Focus on yourself, prioritize your goals, and take it day by day. But most importantly, be kind to yourself and others through the process.

I'm a Junior at the University of Utah looking for journalism jobs possible to boost my resume. As I study the art of writing I am fascinated by the variety of expertise. I am fashion obsessed and would love to work within the fashion community one day. I am also the current project manager for HER Campus and love every second. As such, I hope to attend Parson's School of design and acquire a master's degree after my time here at the U. I enjoy taking writing courses, entrepreneurship courses, and ethical courses.