Get the Scoop of Her Campus Utah!

Joining Her Campus has changed my life for the better and certainly enhanced my undergraduate career tenfold. I have finally found a place on this huge campus where I can voice my thoughts and opinions openly and, in a judgment-free environment. Her Campus is an artfully crafted bridge between the vastness of our giant campus and the media world.

To introduce you a little more intimately, here are some frequently asked questions:

1. What are you about?

A brief message from the queens at HC corporate: “We’re basically a community of BFFs that love to tag each other in memes, talk about sex, and share the best skincare tips. We keep up with celeb news and feminist politics (reproductive justice anyone?), and we’ve got the insider info you need for landing that dream internship or making the perfect mug-cake in your dorm.

Here’s the deal: Her Campus is here to make your life easier while being 100% real with you at all times. We encourage, inspire, and celebrate. We provide no judgment, just real talk. We’re like, kind of your best friend.”

Basically, Her Campus thrives on its members' successes, desires, and continuous contributions to our collective voice. Your voice matters. Your stories and experiences matter. Your unique hearts and minds matter to us.

2. Do you have to identify as a woman to be a part of Her Campus?

We welcome undergraduate students of all gender identities who have a passion for writing, photography, and videography and a desire to share their unique voice with others in a creative way.

3. What is the time commitment like each week?

Your time commitment is whatever you can give each week. We do ask that you come to our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6 PM in the Union Den, but as far as your writing and/or photography commitment we are flexible and will work with you –if you communicate with us. You can put in from one to as many as six hours each week…or more should your muses inspire you!

4. What do you write about?

You are welcome to write about whatever you want! We pitch article ideas at each of our weekly meetings and articles range anywhere from satirical sex columns to life advice to storytelling and prose to the ends of the world. In other words, “The [article] is your oyster!”

5. Do I have to be a communications or journalism major to join?

We welcome undergraduates of all majors and interests! We encourage diversity in our magazine to keep our content fresh, real, and exciting!

6. Is there something else I can do besides write for Her Campus?

Yes! We have a great team of photographers and videographers that would love to have you!

7. Do I have to be a great writer/photographer to join?

We do ask for a brief writing sample and/or a sample from your photography/videography portfolio when you apply, but Her Campus is a place of growth, support, and innovation, and we meet our new members where they are with their skills and abilities.

8. Why should I join Her Campus?

If you are looking for a fresh, creative, and supportive way to connect on your campus, then Her Campus is one of the many great ways to do that! We showcase a vast variety of subjects and interests on our platform and would love to have your perspective contributing to our collective voice.

9. How do I join?

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the semester but there will only be two training sessions each semester when new members will be inducted into our club.  

10. How can I learn more before joining?

Her Campus: Utah will be hosting a “Get the Scoop on Her Campus,” recruitment event this Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019, from 5-7 PM on the Union Patio. Come make yourself an ice cream sundae to usher in the new semester and say goodbye to summer while making some new friends. 

It would be our pleasure to have you join our amazing team of creative, strong, confident members. We hope to see you soon!

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