Get Jackie Kennedy's Style: The Iconic Look Modernized

Jackie Kennedy was known for many things. She was known for being the first lady and wife to John F. Kennedy, and for her unforgettable style in the 60's. Her style is still used in many current trends. Jackie is a huge fashion icon, and Her Campus Utah wants to help you achieve a classic, Jackie Kennedy style. Many things Jackie Kenendy wore are versatile, classic pieces, and on trend today! 

Get a matching top and bottom outfit. It's all about matching the two pieces together.

Get a below the knee skirt. Everything Jackie wore was so classy and ladylike.

Get a fun colored suit.  Notice it's all about the matching top and bottom suit with Jackie!

Get a statement jacket you can wear every day, with any outfit. Also a nice pair of tailored pants wouldn't hurt. 

Now, you're ready to channel your inner Jackie Kennedy!