A General Holiday Gift Guide

One of the most challenging things about the holiday season is finding the “perfect” gift to give. No matter who you're shopping for, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Lean into What They Love 

No matter who you are shopping for, they are passionate about something. Everyone has a favorite show, movie, band, hobby, etc.  You can’t go wrong with getting something that they are already passionate about, just cater it to their specific tastes. For example, if they are a fan of Harry Potter and like to snuggle up, get them a blanket that is Harry Potter themed!

A Shared Experience 

One of the ideas I have been wanting to try out is a shared experience with one of my close friends, my mom, or even my significant other. An example of this would be going to the Gem Studio to make rings or try indoor skydiving. Whatever sparks the interest of the receiver and yourself is a great way to not only find the perfect present but to also create a new memory together.

Something Sentimental 

I was never the type to be soft when I was giving a gift until I realized how much it meant to the person receiving it. There are many forms a sentimental gift can take: collages of your favorite memories, something that you made yourself for that person, or a framed picture. Whatever it may be, if you put thought into it, I’m sure that they will love it!

A Basket 

Whenever I am stuck on a gift, I grab a basket and fill it with things that they might like, things they secretly need, and snacks. There is something fulfilling about getting another mug that you definitely don’t need but want anyway. Grab a few things from Target, Costco, or even Trader Joe’s, put in in a basket, and you are good to go. 

A Subscription Service 

If you are really going to go all out, invest in a subscription service. There are many options that I recommend such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video. There is nothing more that says commitment than getting someone a subscription service. It could go to your parents, your best friend, your significant other...whoever it might be, send it. 

There are too many gifts to even know where to start. My advice to you: trust your gut, don’t overthink, and give it with confidence. Happy shopping, collegiettes!

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