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Four Ways to Transform Your Basement Bedroom

Many college students, myself included, currently have a basement bedroom.  As we know, it takes a little extra effort when styling and decorating your room.  I am re-designing my basement room and compiled the top four tips I am using!


1. Use lighting to your advantage

Most basement rooms either have no windows or a small window, so using various lighting options will make your room much brighter.  I am a huge fan of the string fairy lights that you can hang on walls or in corners.  Other great lighting options include floor lamps, desk lights, or ceiling can lights.  I even have an illuminated light switch so I always know where it is.  If you’re worried about bad makeup lighting, definitely invest in a circular light mirror!


2. Maximize space

With space typically being an issue for most college students, it is very important to maximize the space you do have.  Furniture such as tall dressers and stacked storage units (I am a big fan of the IKEA cube units) are perfect pieces to add. For closets, a collapsible hanging shelf is great for storing swimsuits, sports bras, etc. 


3. Pick colors wisely

This tip ties in with the first one in terms of lighting. Wall colors like white, cream, light gray, or any off-white not only help with lighting, but also make you room appear larger. Light colors also go with any kind of décor and never fail to look good. 


4. Stay warm

The seasons are changing and winter is right around the corner! Stay warm while keeping it cute with thick or furry rugs.  There is nothing worse than waking up early and setting foot on a cold floor! Depending on the size of your room, places like Home Depot, IKEA, Target, etc. have a variety of rug sizes to choose from. I would also highly recommend putting flannel sheets on your bed for wintertime.  They are so soft!

With these four tips, you can improve any basement room and keep more organized.  Changing even one or two things can steer you in the right direction for decorating and personalizing your way. Target these common issues for a cute and presentable room!

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I'm Anna and I am in the Chemical Engineering program at the U! I'm from Seattle, WA and came to Utah for school. Other organizations I am part of are ASUU, AIChE, SWE, the Utah Freeskier Society, and I'm a host at Porcupine!
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