Four Nice Things You Can Do Today

It’s easy to get slumped into a routine and go through the motions of your daily tasks. If you’re in the mood for some good karma, or just want to send out some good energy, here are four simple (and free!) ways you can go out of your way to work on your higher self today.


1.) Smile.

Whether this be to your professor when you walk into the classroom, to a stranger you meet eyes with in passing, or to someone who you find difficult to have positive feelings for, a smile can go a long way.


2.) Clean the bathroom! Do the dishes! Vacuum!

Especially if you live with roommates. It creates a cleaner space for you, and it’s a kind “just because” gesture.


3.) Thank the barista/waitress/bus driver

Giving a genuine “thank you,” and a “have a good rest of your day!” makes a difference.


4.) Call your mom/dad/best friend/sibling

Taking the time to call a loved one is a nice and easy way to hear how they’re doing and to let them know you care. They'll be happy to hear from you.


All of these things are extremely small and may seem trivial, but little gestures can make a big difference in your day, your attitude, or someone else’s. Try to see if you can complete all four!



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