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Football Feature: Utah falls to the Underducks

This last weekend, the Utes went into Rice Eccles Stadium for the last home game of the regular season against the University of Oregon Ducks. The Ducks, who had only won 3 games coming into Sack Lake City, were not favored to win. Everyone knows how this game ended, so here’s a recap of what happened quarter by quarter.


The Utes came into the 2016 senior night ready to fight and get a chance at the PAC-12 South championship, as they were ranked #11 in the AP polls. To start the first quarter, the Utes started the game with a 24-yard run into the end zone by Cory Butler-Byrd. Andy Philips gives the extra point to put the score at Utah 7, Oregon 0. With only 5 and a half minutes left in the first quarter, the Ducks send in their kicker Aidan Schneider for a 47-yard kick to put up 3 points to the scoreboard. Utah 7, Oregon 3.


The second quarter was a hard fought battle for both teams as never offense was able to make any scoring plays. The score remained 7-3 going into half time.


Just as everyone had expected, Utah would take the lead on the scoreboard, but it should have been by a lot more, so with star running back in for the play, Joe Williams runs the ball into the end zone for 12 yards, and adds the 6 points to the score, with Andy Philips following the lead and putting up the extra point, the Utes are now 14, Ducks 3.

But before the third quarter is over, the Ducks held off the Utah defense, and Oregon’s Jalen Brown caught a 29-yard pass to add 6 points on the board, and Schneider the kicker, was able to add the extra point. Utah 14, Oregon 10.


With everything on the line, the fourth quarter is now underway. The Utes are ready to go in headstrong. With 10 minutes left in the quarter, the Ducks throw a 1-yard pass to Royce Freeman and Schneider gives the extra kick. The Ducks are now 17, and stays Utah 14.

But that play may have the Ducks too excited, because they fumbled the ball just shortly after. Utah’s Chase Hansen picked the fumble and was able to ad 6 points, but Philips adds the extra point to put the new score at Utah 21, Oregon 17.

Only a few plays after the Ute’s scored, the Ducks answer the call to take the lead once again and Justin Herbert runs into the end zone for a 1-yard run, and their kicker gives the extra point to put the Ducks at 24, Utah 21.

With only 2 minutes left, the Utes are ready to make a game ending play. Utah’s Evan Moeai catches the 30-yard pass from Troy Williams. Putting another 6 points onto the board, Andy Philips with the extra point, puts the Utes at 28, Ducks 24.

BUT JUST WHEN YOU THINK THE GAME IS OVER, the Ducks throw a hail marry, and what do you know? Darren Carrington II catches a 17-yard pass into the end zone with only 2 seconds left in the quarter. Unfortunately, after review, the officials kept the call as a touchdown, because Carrington was only about an inch inside of the line. That allowed the Ducks to go in for an extra point, but they chose to go for a 2-point conversion, that the Utes were able to stop. With the time all out, the final score was Oregon 30, Utah 28.

There was much more on the line than just a win. The road to the PAC-12 Championship, as well as the road to the PAC-12 Division South Championship was on the line.

The Utes are now ranked #21 in the AP Top 25 poll.

Utah will be going into their last game of the season against the #9 Colorado Buffaloes this Saturday. 


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