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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Utah is known for many things: scenic hiking trails, powdery snow, questionable religious influence, etc. Another thing Utah has going for it is its music scene. Local music in the Salt Lake area is flourishing, bringing in crowds of people to see their favorites perform. While there is not a lack of venues for bands to perform at, there are a few that stick out as must-visit music hot spots. Here are five local music venues to check out.

1. Kilby Court

Kilby Court first opened its doors 20 years ago, turning a small garage into a stage for artists and fans to come together. Kilby Court often books local up and coming bands, giving them a platform for exposure. The atmosphere of Kilby is cozy but electric, providing a place to come together and jam out as a community. 


2. The Depot

The Depot, which opened in 2006, sits in the heart of downtown SLC in the Union Pacific. This four-story venue is a popular spot for touring bands to come and share their music. Intimate and full of history, this venue promises good times and fantastic tunes. 

3. The Complex

The Complex sits tucked away in the outskirts of Downtown SLC. With four separate stages, this venue offers a wide variety of talent and performances. While musical acts make up the majority of the Complex’s repertoire, they also host other events such as art galas, MMA fights, and independently booked events. 

4. Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden is a stunning outdoor venue that offers great music with an even more fantastic atmosphere. The venue is a part of the Red Butte Botanical Gardens, which means the atmosphere is earthy and vibrant. Nature surrounds every crevasse of this scene and the live music echoes into the mountains that sit close by. This venue is has a natural, genuine feel, offering a place for audiences to sit and relax to fantastic live music.

5. USANA Amphitheatre

USANA is located in West Valley, Utah and, like Red Butte, is an outdoor venue with a lot to offer. The theatre offers a view of the Wasatch Mountains and seats approximately 20,000 people. Most of the seating in this venue is situated on a hilly grass area, which offers great views and an even greater atmosphere. USANA brings in music of all genres, leaving their doors open to everyone up for a good time. 

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Rachael Jenkins is a junior at the University of Utah.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor