Five Reasons Why You Secretly Love Listicles

Let’s be real, you love listicles. Even if you’re the type of person who revolts against the natural flow of millenial journalism and Buzzfeed makes your blood boil, you love listicles.

You do. Stop denying it. You love them.


You can try to avoid them, but somehow, you’re always going to be drawn to the endless listings of “Top Ten”s you find on the internet. Your eyes will scour the page for something, anything that doesn’t transpire into a list, but the pure seduction of the listicle will always lure you into clicking on it one more time.

It’s why you clicked on this article. And now you’re sitting there, practically begging to know why you so crave these lists. And you are so intensely curious that I’m going to explain it to you in a list.

I’m sure that the anticipation is killing you, while your eyes keep naturally wandering down to “Reason 1”. Because you need to know. You need to know why you adore these listicles so much. Today is your lucky day, because I have the answers.


1. You’re Irreparably Distracted. All the Time.

Trying to get through the muck of information that is the Internet can be fruitless and distracting, and reading the entirety of a full-length article is something that your brain has a really hard time managing! Listicles save time and maintain your interest, even with all of the other noise in your life, both on and off the internet.


2. You love the way they’re organized!

You’ve probably often heard people tell millennials that “life doesn’t happen in lists”...but wouldn’t it be nice if it did? Lists are so organized and neat. You love that. You wish your life could be as simple as “99 Life Decisions to Make Before You Die”. But it isn’t. It will never be. And so you find consolation in listicles.


3. You’re very VERY lonely.

Listicles may be able to fill that void in your heart with (often) useless, opinionated (but also fun and interesting) information that you hope will be relatable to you. Accept it. Wallow in it. Thrive from the listicles you read.


4. You don’t want to actually READ an article.

You’re busy! And busy people don’t have time to read sincere articles on “Ways to Save Money” and “Traveling Tips”. You want to know how many of these “tips” there are, and be able to quickly skim the article. You want them to be prioritized from most important to least important.. We understand. We’re here for you.


5. You’re used to it.

After so many years of reading listicles, you’ve gotten comfortable with reading them, so you’re more likely to choose them. They make you feel cozy and safe.


I hope that this short, sweet list has given you some insight to the sweet seduction of the Listicle and that you continue to give in to your list-centered cravings!