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Finals Week As Told By Harry Potter

So I know we all can’t go to Hogwarts…I’m still waiting for my letter to arrive, it should be here…any day now. But, in the meantime, I guess you just have to stick it out; you could use your magic, just don’t let the muggles see you. Whether you’re sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, we Potterheads have to stick together. Even though we would rather be tested on our magical abilities instead of these muggle things like calculus, we can’t let the Voldemorts that roam the earth take advantage of our world. Sometimes, we just have to hope that after taking on finals week, taking on Voldemort is a piece of cake. Sirius-ly (bu-dum-tiss.)

You Start to Procrastinate the Realization of Finals Week

Study or Netflix? Netflix...definitely Netflix...maybe a marathon?

Ultimately The Realization of Finals Week Slyther-in to Your Day by Day Thoughts

I see you Draco...

You Bombard Yourself With Studying

Hermione Granger would judge you for not getting started two months ahead, but she would be pleased to see you trying anyway.

You Smirk at the Professor When They Say You Can’t Learn All the Material in a Week

Watch me swish and flick, now watch me Nae Nae.

Your Social Life is Officially Dead

Same Harry...same...

You Have Become One With Insomnia

Where is Dumbledore to make us fall asleep and say " for, in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own." Unfortunately, we're still in the muggle world and finals are still a thing, making our lives entirely not our own.  

You Can No Longer Motivate Yourself to Keep Going

Even admiring pictures of Tom Felton can't help me now. Or can they?

You Are Running On Coffee, Takeout, and 2-3 Hours of Sleep

You now understand what it's like to in Azkaban. Except you're in the library and instead of the dementors sucking your soul, it's your biology study guide. 

You Realize You Are Extremely Unprepared For the Exam

You know which one you are.

When In Doubt Guess…Just Guess

Yup...we've reached that point. Where is Hermoine's time-tuner when you need it?

When The Last Exam is Done

Fred and George are all of us. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Waiting for Your Grades, like Ron Waits for Food to Appear at the Great Hall

Take Ron's advice, food makes everything better...comfort food anyone?

You Survived Another Semester

Congratulations! You made it! Now go get some butterbeer and celebrate with your friends.


Finals is hard, stressful, and time-consuming. But hey, there are only a few weeks left and you still have time to ace your exams. Then afterward, you can reward yourself to a Harry Potter marathon and spoil your appetite with chocolate frogs, sherbet lemons, canary creams, and maybe some pumpkin juice. Just remember aPotterhead's life motto: " study like Granger, eat like Weasley, live like Potter." 


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