Festival Season as told by Gifs

Spring brings many things: Birds chirping, final projects and exams, and-here’s the fun one- FESTIVAL SEASON. As students hunker down to embark on the final stretch of the school year, they can be put at ease knowing that at the end of their journey lies a fluorescent world of pulsing lights and bumping music. And while it may take lots of time, money and effort to make it to even one festival, ask any raver if they hold regrets and they’ll tell you that festival season is the highlight of the year. So what if the rest of the year is spent with a little less cash -- the memories made are priceless! And as our favorite festivals star to drop release dates and lineups, it can be hard to contain our excitement. The cycle of emotion leading up to festival season is arguable the hardest part, but the anticipation makes it all worthwhile. So in preparation for the happiest time of the year, I’ve done my best to capture each and every one of those festival feels.

  • Doing your research on all the festivals coming up:



  • Finding out your fave artist is on the lineup:




  • Looking at ticket prices:




  • Telling yourself they're too expensive and you have other, more important priorities:




  • Changing your mind and trying to justify it in your head because YOLO and all that good shit:


  • Getting all excited and looking for just the right outfit:


  • Slowly going broke as you put down money for hotels, tickets, and outfits, and maybe a few unique accessories here and there:


  • Feeling the day get closer and closer as you get more and more distracted from responsibilities like work and school:



  • Waking up on rave day and just being so excited to get there:



  • Road Tripping at an ungodly hour to get there on time but being so pumped it doesn’t matter:


  • Getting to your crappy motel but not even caring because you’re so excited:


  • Getting ready for the festival and looking so bomb with your squad:


  • Walking into the festival and just feeling so validated and welcome:


  • When your fave DJ comes on and you just can’t contain yourself:



  • When the set ends and you realize you are totally lost:
  • When another rave family takes you in:


  • When the day ends and you somehow find your group at 3 am:



  • Trying to sleep but just being so excited to do it all again tomorrow:

So there you have it! If you’ve been to a festival or even a show, you probably recognize a few of these reactions. And if you haven’t, this festival season is the perfect time to get outside your comfort zone and try something new! As an ex-skeptic of the whole rave culture, I can tell you: There’s nothing quite like the rave fam.