Fashion Forecast: October

The first week of October is upon us, which means a few very important things: the leaves have changed into violent shades of yellow and orange, I have hundreds of fall-centric Pinterest recipes saved to my Fall 2018 board that I will never actually make, and it’s finally SPOOKY SZN. Autumn is officially in full swing, so break out your cozy blankets, sip on some apple cider, and start eating everything pumpkin flavored while you read the Fashion Forecast for October.

The temperature has dropped low enough that I have to turn on the heat in my car each morning, which means that it’s finally chilly enough to break out all of the sweaters I shoved in the back of my closet while summer ran its course. The main trends for sweaters this fall feature single colors, no patterns, and high necklines. Whether that be a cowl neck, full on turtleneck, or one that simply covers up your collarbone is up to you. When I set out to the thrift store to find the pieces that would be featured in this article, I was fully expecting to walk out with a turtleneck. That obviously did not happen, because I fell in love with this high neckline sweater from American Apparel instead. I get the best of both worlds since it’s still a high neckline (it reaches just above the base of my throat), but it doesn’t totally mess up my hair or makeup when attempting to put it on like a turtleneck would. The deep oxblood red pairs perfectly with the fall leaves outside and is something I can transition into my holiday wardrobe as well.

Brand: American Apparel

Price: $10 at my local thrift store

Fall Fashion Week runways put the emphasis on having a main statement piece in your outfit, and in this case, the focus is all on skirts. Plaid skirts have most recently made the rounds, and any other skirts with prints or patterns will really play up your outfit when paired with simple sweaters. I opted for this black Banana Republic skirt because the look of the leather and the quilted stitching pair perfectly with just about everything, but more importantly, it’s just plain badass. Luckily, it’s short enough to wear out and about with friends without making me look like a leather-clad pilgrim. It also works great when paired with tights as a stylish skirt to wear to work, which is great since work has taken over my entire life. 

Brand: Banana Republic

Price: $10, also at my local thrift store

To finish off the outfit, a good pair of boots was needed, since they are timeless essentials for fall fashion.  hese black leather moto boots by Louise et Cie compliment the leather skirt in all the right ways. Even the gold detailing on the heel matches the gold zipper on the side of the skirt. Beyond just the skirt, these boots will compliment nearly any fall outfit you want to wear. Trust me, I’ve already tried pairing them with the entire content of my Fall/Winter wardrobe and they make it all come together. We love some versatility. These boots were practically made for kicking up piles of crunchy fallen leaves and strutting around town in a killer fall outfit. You’ll want to find a pair like these ASAP.

Brand: Louise et Cie

Price: $15 at an obscure thrift store in Arizona

Here’s to hoping October doesn’t go by too quickly, because this might just be my favorite month for fashion.That’s it for the October Fashion Forecast, put on a sweater and a cute skirt to waltz through the rest of the month and I’ll see you in November!