Fashion Forecast: December

Ah, December. A month filled with sugar and spice, holiday cheer, and an annoying amount of snow. To be fair, I think any amount of snow is annoying because I’m too poor to afford to ski and it makes driving up to campus a nightmare. Living in Utah makes dealing with the snow nigh unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look cute while trying not to slip on the ice outside! With the holidays right around the corner and extravagant decorations lighting up the city, December is the perfect time to be a little (or a lot) extra with your style.

Houndstooth has had a recent resurgence in the style community and rightfully so. This preppy pattern is an eye-catching edition to pair with your basic staple pieces without being overwhelming. I normally only incorporate patterns into my outfit as an accessory, such as a scarf, but it’s the season of opulence and gaudy embellishments so what the hell. This jacket is fitted around the waist to add some definition and shape to the rest of my outfit while the red and black color palette is distinct yet somehow subtle since it fits in with the color palette of the season.

If you take any part of this article seriously, listen to me when I tell you that you NEED TO BUY EARMUFFS. I’ve written two other style articles telling everyone to buy earmuffs and I will continue to shout it from the rooftops. I could write a six-page argumentative analysis as to why earmuffs are the greatest holiday accessory, but let me condense it for you. We’ll start with the obvious fact that they keep your ears warm BUT they go one step further and show your cute hairstyle without messing it up like a hat would! The other reason is that they are ridiculously extra and make me look like some rich trust fund child on a holiday episode of Gossip Girl, which is exactly the kind of energy I’m trying to bring into my life.  

Boots that can withstand the snow and ice should be a staple in everyone’s winter wardrobe. I have unfortunately been too broke/unmotivated to spend money on shoes other than cute but unpractical fall boots, which usually results in me having majorly frozen toes all winter and slipping on the ice more than once. I got these boots for half off on Black Friday and they are the ultimate addition to my shoe collection. The fur lining at the top is slightly over the top and keeps me nice and cozy while the grip on the bottom provides enough traction so I don’t fall flat on my butt outside. Pair it with some fuzzy socks and you’ll be ready to take on all of the snow and ice mother nature decides to hurl at us this year.

The semester is nearly over -- grab your peppermint mochas and study now so you can get dressed up to celebrate after finals are finished! Have a safe, happy, and stylish holiday season Utes and DON’T FORGET TO BUY SOME EARMUFFS.