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Fall Fashion Staples: Staying Stylish All Season Long

Most of us know that something as simple as choosing an outfit each day can be rather complicated. Matching colors and patterns, deciding on those flowy pants or just a pair of jeans, only to realize you don’t even like how everything looks together in the end. Regardless of the season, having clothes that are staple pieces and work well for the season is a must. With the fall season now less than a month away, it’s the perfect time to search for some staple clothing pieces to have fun with fashion this fall season.

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1. Denim jacket 

In my opinion, denim jackets are easily one of the best things to have in your closet. They come in plenty of different styles and can be paired with plenty of different clothing items. There are more options than just a typical blue jean jacket; buy one in black, red, yellow, or any other color you like to make it more fun! You can purchase an oversized one to wear more casually with a sweater underneath when it’s cold or go for a cropped one to wear with jeans and boots for more of a chic look. Denim jackets are the necessity for the fall (and any other season too, really,) and are the definition of versatile! 

2. A cozy sweater

This one may be pretty common on a list like this, but there's a good reason for that. A warm knit sweater can be paired with practically anything and will always look good! And they definitely aren’t hard to find during the fall months; any of your favorite clothing stores will surely have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. If it’s a sunny September day, a skirt would be a good choice to pair it with to keep yourself cool. But for the days when it’s colder outside, a big baggy sweater will be perfect to layer a long sleeve or tank top underneath to stay warm.

3. Boots or Booties 

I am not personally much of a “shoe” person; I mean, I buy one pair of sneakers at the beginning of the school year as my “everyday” shoe for the year and wear them for the entire school year. But, I do also have a pair of small black booties that I have gotten a lot of wear out of alongside those sneakers. They truly make any outfit look more complete and put together. Like the other items on this list, these can be worn with many outfits and will be the final piece to make it look just right. 

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4. A fluffy/fuzzy jacket 

This one is for the people like me who really don’t follow the whole “beauty is pain” idea. I’d rather wear sneakers or sandals instead of heels, and I’d prefer to wear a comfortable sweatshirt instead of a tight, itchy sweater. Therefore, I love those fluffy jackets that feel like a blanket. You can grab any tank top or t-shirt and slip on this kind of jacket over it and head out the door. It is perfect for the days when putting together an outfit feels like a task and you just want to get through the day without trying to fix the tight, itchy sweater or make sure your jeans are cuffed properly. Enough said: this one is a must!  

5. Jeans that are more than just the plain old skinny jeans 

This is another one that may seem kind of repetitive, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally done the whole “sweater and jeans” look but felt like I needed something more. All I’m saying is that I’ve found it helpful to invest in some jeans that have a little flare. Whether that be actual flare jeans, ripped jeans, jeans that are a fun color, or those jeans with the scrunched waist, there are definitely more ways to spice up that “sweater and jeans” look. And I know I’ve said this about almost everything on this list, but we all know that jeans are the one thing that you actually can wear with anything. A fancy off the shoulder top, a cropped sweater, a band tee, a tank top with a cardigan; the list is quite literally endless. Moral of the story: jeans for the win! 


Hopefully, I have given you some ease about the whole outfit creation situation I mentioned in the beginning. I am certainly no fashion expert and could definitely use some upgrading to my own personal style, but I know for sure that basics like these are what can make the outfit great; all you’ve got to do is add your own personal touch to make it something you love. With fall and its fun fashion right around the corner, it would surely make your daily outfit decisions easier with some of these classic pieces in your closet.


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