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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

During the month of October, we are all attuned to receiving our scares from terrifying haunted houses or bone-rattling horror movies. Escape: Psycho Circus, a music festival in Southern California, delivers the same amount of sinister fun that will surely fulfill your spooky season desires. With frightening live shows and spooky music, this festival provides a scary experience unlike any other. 

Upon walking into Escape: Psycho Circus, you are greeted by fluorescent carnival rides and large circus tents. Escape: Psycho Circus is diligent on creating a powerful environment that seems to transport you to another world. Scarecrows on stilts and creepy looking nurses run around the carnival rides, screaming in your ear whenever you try stealing a glance. In one tent, contortionists stun large crowds by bending their bodies in unimaginable ways. In another tent, men and women dressed extravagantly play and dance with fire. As you walk deeper into the festival, things only get more creepy and terrifying. Crazy Town, the main component of the festival, holds several haunting attractions. You can order food from a seemingly abandoned vendor titled The Well, or you can dance to spooky music amongst dead princes and princesses at Dance Macabre. You can also explore the fountain of lost souls, stand beside the large fire-breathing organ, or trek through the horrifying haunted house entitled The Butcher. Whatever scary activity you choose to partake in, you won’t leave disappointed. 

The horror doesn’t stop here. As you walk down the Boulevard of Bones, you’ll pass the largest mega-structure built by Insomniac Events in history, The Grimm. Dead circus assistants dance among the crowd as lasers dance on the ceiling. Inferno Avenue leads you to the Sewer District, where you can order a spooky cocktail. As you drink, you may decide to walk down the Haunted Hay Road, showcasing a bright Ferris wheel and a murky lake. You will also pass the Sanitarium, a haunted stage where deep house music can be heard echoing for miles. The frightening aspects of Escape live through both the environment and their music. Escape did an amazing job of diversifying their music genres this year, bringing everything from techno to dark dubstep. Artists such as RL Grime, Excision, and Don Diablo all wowed the crowd. Special, limited-edition merch is also available, leaving you with unique spooky souvenirs.

So next time Halloween rolls around, make sure to buy your ticket to Escape: Psycho Circus. If not, you might find yourself being haunted by the ghost of regret. 



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