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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) organized an event on Sunday, September 13th that detailed the 2020 election from a Marxist perspective. This event was one in their ongoing series of “Education for Liberation,” which seeks to educate the general public about important political and economic trends. The event was split into two sessions. The first session outlined electoralism and the second session dove into the 2020 election from a Marxist perspective. Both were filled with incredibly important pieces of information and urged the participants to change their views on the election process and the two-party system.

The event started out with Moira Turner, a local organizer with PSL, talking to the group about what was going to be covered over the two-hour information session. The participants were then divided into socially distanced break out groups, which read a series of articles that PSL had compiled. The articles covered a range of topics, including everything from the PSL’s own selected candidate Gloria La Riva to defending democratic rights under bourgeois democracy. After reading through the articles, the groups discussed what modern democracy looks like in America and who it serves. PSL members led the discussions and allowed the public to participate in an open discussion in a safe and inclusive environment. 

The conversations that arose during the individual breakout sessions were enlightening and informative. Obviously, democracy in the modern day is extremely complicated; even if what the democratic constituents are saying is well-intentioned, it’s difficult to separate the demands of the people from the demands of the top 10%. Though democracy’s principles circulate around allowing the working class to have a voice, the institution in which it functions limits its ability to fulfill its promises. As long as democracy exists within the two-party system, it will never allow true reform. Socialism becomes a great tool in the fight towards real change; it shines a bright spotlight on the working class demands and makes way for tangible improvements.

Socialism is the key to uniting the working class; it allows the underprivileged and oppressed citizens of this country to be heard. Many movements throughout history can be attributed to the masses of people fighting for their rights and liberties, including the woman’s suffrage movement and the 1964 voting rights act. The laws that changed because of these uprisings can only be attributed to the people fighting for a better world, not to a single entity or leader with good morals.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation continues to inspire the working class, urging them to stand up for their rights and demand revolution in the United States. They gathered over 1000 signatures to get Gloria La Riva on the ballot for the 2020 election, where she will be running with Leonard Peltier as her VP candidate. Although it seems that enacting revolution within America is difficult, the fight for a better world is far from over; oppressed communities and the working class deserve to be heard. Make sure to attend the PSL’s next event if you are interested in their initiatives and the fight for the liberation of all people. Until all are free, no one is free.

Sophomore at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communications
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor