Dreamscapes: Local Art For The Imaginative

There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie on your night out. But how many of your night outs are starting to blend together because of the repetition of the same old same old? I understand it can be difficult breaking the loop, but if you’re feeling brave enough to try an activity that’s new, unique, and that won’t be available for much longer, than dreamscapes might be the next fun thing to try to break out of the ordinary. Because honestly, there’s nothing ordinary about dreamscapes.

Utah Arts Alliance, a Utah nonprofit with the help of over 50 local artists, builders, and volunteers has created a piece of art for anyone of any age to interact with. dreamscapes allows all visitors to become part of the art in this 14,000 square foot labyrinth. Each room designed and created by different artists, and made from all recycled and donated material, dreamscapes is a space to let your inner child explore. Utah Arts Alliance is a “nonprofit with a mission to foster the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered and connected community” and this is exactly what they have achieved with dreamscapes!

Located at the Gateway downtown for only fifteen dollars a ticket, you’re able to make your way through this maze that took over a 100 hours of work to complete. You begin in a room designed as a typical living room and are told about those who created the space. Local artists wanted to give the Salt Lake City community a chance to explore and play in a way that most people don’t get the opportunity to. To be able to leave the first room you will be told that “not everything is as it appears” and are forced to find the secret passage way that leads to the rest of the labyrinth. After that, it’s a mix of physical and digital immersive art with multiple themes from a magical forest fantasy, to a groovy hall of mirrors and ending with a studio that started completely white, that gives you the opportunity to enhance it with a touch of color. Plus, each room leaves you with a lot of fantastic photo shoot opportunities. With so many different and uncommen exhibits, everyones inner model or photographer is bound to come out. 

With only two weeks left of the exhibit, I would suggest getting your tickets fast! dreamscapes is open Monday through Friday from 4:00-9:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 9:00pm until April 15th. So go ahead and support local artists while becoming a part of the art!

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