The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Road Trips

I recently got back from a road trip with my boyfriend and after 25 hours together in a car, I now consider myself a road trip guru.

No one likes spending an excessive amount of time in the car, so here are a few tips to make your trip less awful.

The DO's

DO Eat a big, healthy meal before you get started so your snacks last longer and you’re less tempted to go buy Cheeto Puffs at the gas station. 

DO Stay hydrated: lots and lots of water! Even though bathroom breaks can be annoying and feel like they slow you down, it’s nice to get up and walk your legs out a little bit, so don’t shy away from staying hydrated in the car.

DO Pack snacks: healthy snacks that keep you full, energized, and satisfied are key to not feeling so lethargic and greasy during your car ride. I like to pack things like bell peppers, carrots, hummus, apples, protein bars, granola, dried fruit, and chocolate covered espresso beans. I made my boyfriend and I personalized snack bags with our names on them and all of our favorite things so it was more fun to open them up. Take advantage of the little excitements in life.

DO wear comfy clothes. No need to dress for the arrival, stick to some workout shorts and a loose top. *10/10 would recommend not wearing a bra either*

DO Keep an extra bag in the car for trash and get rid of it every time you stop for gas.

DO Get a good night sleep the day before. Be alert.

DO Take advantage of the forced bonding going on. We got to have some really good conversations and laughs. Play 20 questions, get to know each other even better than you already do.

DO Make a road trip play list. And when you’ve gone through that, put your library on shuffle and jam out to some throwbacks.

DO Take a screenshot of the directions on your maps so that you don’t have to keep your map open the whole time and run out of data. Plus if you unexpectedly loose service, you can still navigate your way back home.

DO Enjoy the drive. Look around, soak up the view. Try not to be glued to your phone when there is so much beauty all around you.

The Don'ts

DON'T Eat stinky foods and leave trash all over your car. You'll already feel gross enough after sitting in a car for so long, it definteily won't help if the area you're stuck in is covered in burger wrappers and french fries smashed under the seats.

DON’T Drive when you’re stressed out. If you’re running late, relax. There is nothing that is worth the added danger of driving without a clear mind.

DON'T Be a backseat driver. All you're going to do is stress the other person out. 

DON’T Be afraid to ask the other person to drive. There is no need to push yourself to the limit and risk getting in an accident. Switch it up, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

DON’T Put your car on cruise control. As easy as cc is, you’re not nearly as focused on the road when you don’t have to be monitoring your speed.

DON’T fall asleep. There is nothing worse than being the driver at midnight when it’s pitch black outside and the only other person in your car is snoring. It is so much harder to stay awake if you don’t have someone to talk to.


Most importantly, have fun! Road trips are a huge part of summer time and can make for some of the best memories. Pack your bags, buckle up, and go on an adventure.