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Does The 60 Second Rule Actually Work?

As I’ve become obsessed with anything that has to do with skincare, I have been introduced to many new methods, tips, and tricks to achieve perfect skin. Most recently, I found out about a skin altering method through Twitter when I came across Nayamka Roberts-Smith, otherwise known as @LaBeautyologist. Her very wise and helpful opinions when it comes to taking care of one’s skin drew me to follow her and I do not regret it one bit. So what is this cleansing method so many swear by? 

In full, the 60 second cleansing method is the idea of washing your face for a full minute rather than a quick 15-30 second lather that many stick to. Cleansing one’s face for a longer period allows for makeup, dirt, and grime to break down much faster, resulting in less breakouts and cleaner skin. Roberts-Smith also tweeted that “it softens the skin & dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture & overall evenness improves.” For my fellow makeup wearers, this method is better than using a makeup remover wipe; it creates less skin irritation and is much more suitable to living an eco friendly lifestyle since you can say goodbye to cotton rounds and wipes. 

Now, the background to the concept of washing your face for an extra 30 seconds is factual and legit. Smith herself is a professional esthetician that owns her own spa, The Golden Rx, located in Beverly Hills, California. She uses this method on all of her clients and has seen real results from both her in-person clients and her online followers. This tip hasn’t cost anyone money and can be done whenever, making it doable for just about anyone. 

So does this 60 second rule actually work?

Yes! I am happy to say that this method does actually work! Others have said that it takes about one month to see results due to your skin getting accustomed to the change, and that is definitely true. Like any other product or tip, it will not happen overnight and it will need some time. During my second month of using this method, my skin brightened up and my stubborn acne went away. Of course there is the occasional breakout or pimple, but those are usually caused by hormones or trying out a new product. My only piece of advice is to pick a song you can never forget so that washing your face for a minute will become easier — I cling to Nayamka’s choice and always recommend The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song or even the ABCs to keep it simple. 

How do you do the 60 second rule?

Whether you decide to do a double cleanse or only one cleanse, it’s pretty easy. First, pick your favorite go-to cleansing oil or cleanser, then secondly, rub it all over your face and neck with your fingers for sixty seconds. After the sixty seconds are up, rinse your face off and make sure there is no makeup left over. If there is, it’s best to follow up with a second cleanse lasting about thirty seconds. 60% of people experience purging, the process in which your skin breaks out when you try a new skincare product, but by doing this for a week, you will start to see the results that others rave about!

This method is something that I stick to every night and never skip. When it comes to skincare and wanting to make real changes, consistency is key. The occasional cheat day is allowed, but to achieve the perfect skin, it’s important to do this step as often as you can. As I’ve been researching the method I’ve seen that it doesn’t always work for everyone, but it’s always good to try it and see. It could really change your skin for the better, and who doesn’t want that? 

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