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DIY: Collar Necklaces

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.


With collared blouses all the rage for this fall, it’s every girl’s dream to own a closet full of them. Those peter pan collars are expensive elements though- only in Neverland could you find them for less than 20 bucks. Rather than escape reality, I’ve found an incredibly easy solution. Ladies, look no further: here’s your guide to DIY collar necklaces.

                But first, a few supporting details for those who aren’t quite sold on the idea of collar necklaces. Rather than purchasing a million collared blouses (which is completely acceptable in my opinion), collar necklaces are a great way to add the look of a collar to any sweater or shirt. Besides, why should you have to throw out that ancient, incredibly comfy sweater you practically live in during the winter? Toss a collar necklace over it and it’s reinvented, no longer an artifact destined for a museum exhibition. Collar necklaces are also great in the way that they can be recycled again and again, re-used with a variety of shirts and in hundreds of ways.

                To begin, you’re going to need a large piece of felt, scissors, craft glue or a glue gun, as well as embellishments if you choose to go above and beyond. You’re also going to need a stencil of a peter pan collar and to do this you can trace the collar of a blouse you already own or find one on the internet. Simply trace the form of the collar onto the felt and cut it out. Using the craft glue or glue gun, attach a necklace chain to the ends or replace this with a ribbon in any color you choose.

 For the embellishments, the sky is the limit. You can use gold or silver brads and poke them through the felt for a studded look, or lather your collar in glitter or pearls if you want something a little more glamorous. My sister, a crafting guru, created all three of these looks and I already borrowed (okay, stole) one of them on a night out last weekend.

In regards to the color, patterns, and style, feel free to experiment.  Find what works best for you and the way you dress, and go with it. While we can’t stay kids forever like Peter Pan, we’ve got the next best thing. 

Jetta is a fun and spunky communication student at the University of Utah. She has a lot of energy and an outgoing personality- perfect for her work in service coordination, peer advising, the Department of Communication, Express, and of course HerCampus! Jetta loves social media, writing, and learning new promotion and advertising skills. She does not currently drive a Jetta, but hopefully she can afford one upon completion of her degree!